Tagcloud module

This chapter describes

1 Introduction

Tagcloud module is designed for displaying a tagcloud in your CMS pages.

It searches for pages (CMS objects 10007.X) in given list list of folders (CMS objects 10002.X), takes content of “tagging” attribute and generates a tagcloud. Tagcloud is a list of links pointing to predefined CMS page.

2 Structure

Tagcloud module is placed in folder <portal>/common/modules/tagcloud

I consists of

  • component: TagcloudApi
  • controllers: PreviewController
  • widget: TagcloudWidget

3 Tagcloud widgets

There is 1 widget:

  • TagcloudWidget – shows content overview based on given parameters.

3.1 TagcloudWidget


                'folderIds'=>array('10002.21', '10002.3281', '10002.7', '10002.3343'),
                'usePersonalisation' => false,
                'overviewPage' => 'test.html',
                'tagstyles' => array('cls1', 'cls2'),
                'limit' => 5


  • folderIds (array) – array of CMS folder IDs (10002.x,10002.x)
  • usePersonalisation (bool) – default is true. Defines if result should be personalised or not
  • overviewPage (string) – defines CMS page where personalizedContentWidget is placed
  • tagsSeparator (string) – defines string that separates tags in “tagging” attribute
  • tagstyles (array) – defines weights gradations quantity and styles for tags in output
  • limit (integer) – default is 10. The limit of tags number

3.2 Preview mode

Preview is available by this URL: <site_url>/tagcloud/preview

Preview Parameters:

  • folderIds (string) – comma separated folder IDs(ex.: 21,22,23). System will explode string by comma and add “10002.” to each element (ex.: 10002.21,10002.22,10002.23);
  • usePersonalisation (string) – default is Y. Defines if result should be personalised or not, Y – for “yes”, N – for “no”;

3.3 Module Configuration

    'tagcloud' => array(
        //Component class
        'class' => 'common.modules.tagcloud.tagcloudModule',
        //  cache life time in seconds
        'cacheTime' => 60,
        //default CMS page with personalizedOverview widget
        'defaultOverviewPage' => '/Content.Node/testing/Overview.en.html',
        //CMS pages with personalizedOverview widget per language
        'overviewPages' => array(
            'en' => '/Content.Node/testing/Overview.en.html',
            'de' => '/Content.Node/testing/Overview.de.html',
        //String that will be used as tags separator
        'tagsSeparator' => ', ',
        //tagstyles. Array of styles for tags. Controls weights gradations and styles.
        // So if 3 gradations defined - tags would be separated into 3 categories
        //must be defined from most light(rare) to most heavy(frequent)
        'tagstyles' => array(
            'tagsize_1',    //ex.: 10px
            'tagsize_2',    //ex.: 14px
            'tagsize_3',    //ex.: 16px