NiceUrl module

1 Introduction

This module is an extension to DynamicContentSource (contentSource module) and provides the ability to define custom URLs for pages.

However there is small performance impact, because the Content Connector will be queried for each URL.

2 Configuration

2.1 client_main.php:

'modules' => array(
    'niceurl' => array(
        'isEnabled' => true
        'allowDots' => false

This is the default urlMatchAttributes configuration for the repositoryApi and will work if you have defined a tagmap entry “nice_url”.

'components' => array(
    'repositoryApi' => array(
       'urlMatchAttributes' => array(

Have a look at the Nice URLs CMS documentation for more information.

2.2 Module attributes

2.2.1 enabled

Default false. Enables this module.

2.2.2 allowDots

Whether to allow dots in the URL. This is a performance optimization and limits the amount of requests made to the content connector.