Remember pages module

This module allow users to remember pages they visited and then share.

1 Functionality description

User can click on a “remember” Link on a page. A widget displays the number of remembered pages.

Another widget displays a list of links of remembered pages (last entry on top) as a box (e.g. for sidebars).

  • Remembered pages can be sent via Email, posted to Facebook, printed and deleted from a list on a dedicated page.
  • Checkboxes provide a way to select multiple entries and send them via Email or delete them from the dedicated pages (not in the sidebar box).
  • Emails will be sent via a form that lets users fill in the receiver email address, sender email address and a comment.

2 Usage

Interaction with module performs with 3 widgets Widgets: - SavePageLink – generates the link clicking on which you can save page url - LastRemembered – displays last N remembered pages - ShareRemembered – allows deleting, sorting, search and share remembered links

This widget generates special link for the page. When user clicks on it then page with parameters remembers in database.

  • url page url
  • title page title
  • page_id page id
  • text link text
  • additional contains additional values which will be stored in database. Example how to retrive them is in file views/manage/shareRemembered.php
  • back_to_referer if redirect user back to the $url or to the HTTP_REFERER

    <?php $this->widget('common.modules.remember.widgets.savePageLink',array(
               'title' => 'Home page',
               'page_id' => 'ID1',
               'text' => 'Remember home page'

4 LastRemembered widget

Widget parameters:

  • count – Amount of displaying items

Example of usage:

    <?php $this->widget('common.modules.remember.widgets.LastRemembered'))?>

5 ShareRemembered widget

Widget parameters:

  • collection_id – Collection id for filtering pages
  • pageSize – Amount of displaying items
  • admin – If user can delete items
  • page – Displayed page number
  • sort – Sort field and direction. If direction is ASC then only field name should be specified

Example of usage:

<?php $this->widget('common.modules.remember.widgets.ShareRemembered',