Bulk module


Often when you create some functionality you need to test it on a big amount of data to find performance problems.

Gentics Portal.Node PHP supports generating data in some models:

  • User
  • Comment
  • Like

Through the admin web interface which is only allowed for admins and which is placed at /bulk/bulk/ you can create big amounts of data.

When creating big amount of temporay data it is recommended to create it separately (input values only for one entity at the time).

Under each model (Users, Likes, Comments) you see the already existing amount of data in the database. You can delete them by clicking on appropriate link. Comments and likes can be deleted separately. Users can be only deleted with all likes and comments.

Fields description:

  • Users
    • ‘Users quantity’ – amount of new random users
  • Likes
    • ‘Likes quantity’ – amount of new random likes.
    • If ‘Content id’ is specified, amount of new likes will be not more than amount of existing users (for each user one like for the conentId will be created).
    • If ‘Content id’ is not specified, the total amount of likes will be created but their contentId will be random
  • Comments
    • ‘Comments quantity’ – amount of new random comments.
    • ‘Content id’ – if not specified, content id will be random
    • ‘For each user’ – if specified, ‘Comments quantity’ amount will be created for each bulk user