Rights administration

For rights administration we used the third party module Rights.

“Rights” is a module of the Yii web development framework. With “Rights” you can easily manage user permissions on modules within your portal. This extension utilizes Yii’s built-in Database Authorization Manager (CDbAuthManager) to provide an extensive web interface for access control.


  • Role, task and operation management
  • View displaying each role’s assigned tasks and operations
  • Assigning authorization items to users
  • Sorting of authorization items by dragging and dropping
  • Support for business rules (and data)
  • Runtime caching to increase performance
  • Internationalization (I18N)
  • Cross-browser and cross-database compatibility
  • Easy to extend

In Gentics Portal.Node PHP the Rights module is placed here <portal>/rights/assignment

1 Assignments

Under “Assignments” you can view, assign and revoke each user’s permissions.

2 Permissions

Under “Permissions” you can easily assign operations and tasks to your roles and revoke operations and tasks from your roles. In addition you can see which permissions each role has and if they are directly assigned or inherited. If they are inherited you can also see from where they are inherited.

3 Operations, Tasks and Roles

Under these you can easily manage each type of authorization item separately. Items can be viewed, reordered, updated and deleted. In addition you can also see how many children each item has. Authorization items can be reordered by dragging and dropping.

4 Existed roles

For the Gentics Portal.Node PHP logic we use currently the following rights (will be enhanced in the future):

  • Administrator – access to User administration panel and to all operations in Gentics Portal.Node PHP (like delete comments etc.)
  • manageComments – for comments moderators to allow them manage comments