Updates process

Gentics Portal.Node PHP has reached its end of life. Gentics has ceased development in March 2019, and announced in January 2020 and will stop supporting Gentics Portal.Node PHP installations by January 31st, 2021.

1 Where do you get new releases from?

If you don’t know where to download an update, please consult our sales representatives (sales@gentics.com).

2 Update notes

Please do not update production systems without BACKUP!!! and testing new releases on your test systems!

3 Update steps

Update process contains of following steps:

  • Download the newest release and unzip the package in a new directory.

Always test a new release on a testing server and never on your production system directly!

Example of an update process:

sftp user@server.gentics.com  
put portalnode-php-x.0-SNAPSHOT-update.zip

# cd /home/gentics/
# unzip portalnode-php-0.x.0-SNAPSHOT-update.zip
# cd portalnode-php-0.x.0-SNAPSHOT
# ./update.sh
  • Go to folder scripts/
  • Make backup of your current portal folder and of your database (our script does this too but we don’t take responsibility)
  • Check if your current user is allowed to update your current portal installation
  • Execute for Linux (./update.sh) or on Windows (update.bat)
  • Enter your installation path of your current portal installation (without trailing slash)
  • Make backup to an existing backup folder. Older backups will be overwritten!
  • Remove update-scripts
  • Don’t forget to test your portal!!!
  • DONE!

If you have custom modules in <portal>/custom/ folder then these are not touched, please test them if they are still working!