Request lifecycle

In this chapter described:


  1. Client goes in browser to URL
  2. Apache2 mod_rewrite route request to the file <portal>/frontend/index.php
  3. Create instance of Yii application
  4. In Yii application url Content.Node/index.html handled by the route manager
  5. Route manager detect that this is request for content from CMS
  6. Route manager invoke controller <portal>/common/modules/contentSource/controllers/RendererController.php in contentSource module
  7. index.html – is dynamic content. Then it goes to action actionDynamic
  8. In actionDynamic invokes getContent method, which returns object which contains metadata and text content of requested page
  9. Check user personalisation attributes to this page. If personalisation attributes (can also be seen as permissions) give access, render page otherwise redirect
  10. Render page
    1. Implode scripts and css files
    2. Compress them
  11. Send response to client browser
  • Content.Node – this part of URL is root folder of your project node in the Gentics CMS.
  • index.html – this part of URL is path to content.