Run the demo

Run the Gentics Portal | php demo

Read the section "Installing requirements" first and make sure you have installed and configured everything correctly.

Checkout demo branch and install portal composer dependencies

git clone -b demo demo
cd demo/portal
composer install
cd ..

Running the portal

Read the page "Run the application".

Wait for the Gentics CMS publish run to be complete

  • Log in to http://localhost:8082 with node / node and wait until the publish run has finished and has published all objects into Gentics Mesh. You can also republish all objects in the Maintenance page, if the publish doesn’t work.

Follow the status of the portal container by running docker-compose logs -f portal. You might have to prefix this command with winpty on Windows.

Changing the assets

We are using CSS and JavaScript pre-processor to generate the Gentics Portal | php reference assets, and its already ships with pre-built assets, but changes in these files will be lost on next build.

Laravel Mix is used to generate the assets inside the ./portal/public/static/demo-assets/files/ folder, and the source files are in the ./portal/resources/assets/ folder. See webpack.mix.js for more.

If you would like to change the assets, please check the Laravel Mix documentation:

Commercial Gentics Mesh Plugins

Some Gentics Mesh plugins are not available for free — we still included them in our examples (e.g., ratings with the likes plugin). Please refer to these plugins at Gentics Mesh plugins documentation. Not installing these plugins should not cause any problems, just the missing feature will not displayed.