Digital Publishing and Content Management

Flexibility is our guiding principle. The Gentics CMS adapts to your corporate structure and provides the exact components you need.

Your Gentics CMS advantages

Responsive design

Our Gentics CMS lets you effortlessly display your content on all terminal equipment (smartphone, tablet, desktop) with the same degree of user friendliness.

Modular system

You decide what functions you want to use. We supply you with an integrated solution – or the exact modules you need.


We continually develop our product. Security, transparency and good planning are top priority.

An overview of the Gentics CMS

The Gentics CMS is an integrated solution for your online presence. With our tools you create and publish content, organise editorial workflows and manage a variety of publications. Interfaces such as newsletter and social media integration, special solutions for multimedia storytelling and web analysis cover important functions in online marketing.

Based on the module principle, you decide what functions you want to use. With Gentics you need no other software for your online media. If you already use a variety of tools – for instance, Liferay or jBoss portal – then you can use Gentics as a platform for content creation and management.

Flexibility is our guiding principle. Gentics software adapts to your corporate structure and provides the exact components you need. Whether a web portal, social intranet, microsites for campaigns, newsletters or corporate blogs, you manage your entire corporate presence from a central location.

The Gentics CMS is a sophisticated product that has been used in numerous large-scale projects for over 15 years. Functions have been developed and improved on the basis of client requirements – which means we have a product that combines our expertise and that of our clients.

The Gentics CMS in detail

  • Editor

    Aloha Editor is the fastest and simplest editor for entering and organising content.

  • Content Management

    The Gentics CMS organises, creates versions and archives large data quantities for efficient editing processes.

  • Publication (portal)

    We offer personalised and dynamic front ends for all devices; there are no restrictions on design.

  • Content interfaces

    The Gentics CMS permits the integration of newsletters and social media as well as the integration of other platforms (for ex. Sharepoint, Liferay, jBoss).

  • Maintenance & updates

    Ongoing updates and regular new releases can be easily installed.

Your Gentics CMS options

  • Do you want to keep your front end (portal)?

    The Gentics Portlet Suite integrates Gentics CMS and other front-end/portal solutions with which you already manage online content. It organises the smooth exchange between these systems. The Gentics Portlet can be utilised for numerous portals (jBoss, Liferay, etc.).

  • Do you want quick and easy, automatic migration of existing content?

    The import tool organises the migration of existing content if you want to transfer it from an old system. As much as 90% can be automatically transferred from the old system when converting to the Gentics CMS.

  • Do you want a competent partner for all of your CMS concerns, in addition to the classic support?

    With support tickets you ensure fast and convenient support for technical questions, beyond training and education.

  • Do you want to operate your website without a portal?

    With the Gentics CMS it is possible for you to exchange just your content management system. Our CMS is also available without portal components and makes it possible to publish websites as HTML files without a database.

  • Do you prefer to lease rather than buy your Gentics CMS?

    Only lease what you need and for only as long as you require it. With our licenced models you can lease or buy software as you need it.

  • Do you want to connect your Gentics CMS with another search platform?

    If you already use a search engine such as Google Search Appliance, Fabasoft Mindbreeze or others, you can easily connect them to the Gentics CMS. We use the Apache Lucene enterprise search platform.

Our solution – your advantages

Easy and fast editing

  • Front-end editing - edit content where you see it
  • Adaptable workflows
  • Unlimited number of content managers, flexible user authorisations
  • Scheduled publication
  • Integrated picture editing
  • An extensive navigation system can also be managed

Time to market

  • Numerous plug-ins and modules (form generator, calendar and much more)
  • Multimedia support (picture editing, slide shows, videos and much more)
  • Support for media asset management and document management
  • Social media functions: commentaries, evaluations, blog and Wiki modules, tagging and much more)

Flexibility, integrability

  • Dynamic, personalised
  • Multilingual support
  • Efficient enterprise search platform with auto-completion, auto-suggestions and filtering options
  • Integration with existing corporate applications
  • Also supports third-party publications, for instance Liferay and jBoss portals
  • Social media and newsletter integration
  • Integrable web analysis tools
  • Various authentications possible (separate user directories or link to existing ones)
  • Link to company address book – single sign-on possible.

Security, compliance

  • Versioning, archiving, optional authorisation processes
  • Personalisation and authorisations for content
  • Closed user groups
  • Flexible user authorisations
  • Successful glass box and penetration tests

Performance and scalability

  • Supports distributed systems and load balancing
  • Reliability
  • Performance plans adapted to IT architecture

Organise large quantities of data and numerous publications

  • Sophisticated file structures for content possible
  • Central administration of several publications with a variety of designs
  • Authorisations, workflows and communication tools for large content manager teams
  • Reuse of existing elements in new publications – minimal integration and training

No restrictions on design

  • Supports state-of-the-art front-end technologies
  • Mobile responsive design enables availability on smartphone and tablet
  • HTML optimized for accessibility
  • No restrictions for SEO

Support & Training

  • Maintenance and updates included
  • Developer and content manager training
  • Public release roadmap for transparent planning
  • Ticket system for support questions

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