Gentics Portal | php default language

When a user opens a portal page, which does not have specific language setting, it tries to determinate the most suitable language for the visitor in the following order and by availability:

  • Language stored in the session for the current user

  • Browser language preference (Accept-Language header)

  • Portal’s default language

If any of these fails an error message or a fallback page will be displayed depending on the feature.

The Gentics Portal | php default language is stored in the config/portal.php configuration file:

'defaultLanguage' => 'en'

Localized Custom Error Pages

Gentics Portal | php supports custom error pages which need to be configured first described in the Error Handling documentation.

When you use localized custom error pages, you should configure the default language versions of the custom error pages then the other languages will load automatically. To translate error pages you have to create language variants of the error pages and publish them, the portal will choose the correct language as the default language.


When a user navigates to only the domain without any path of the site run with Gentics Portal | php the portal will serve the page configured in config/portal.php at startPage in language determined as described in the default language section.

Startpage example:

  • startpage configured is /index.de.html

  • there is also another language variant: /index.en.html

  • a user visits our site for the first time (no session stored) and his browsers user-agent prefers 'english'

  • Gentics Portal | php will serve /index.en.html while the browsers address-bar will still show only the domain name with no additional path