Run the application

Copy example files

Copy docker-compose.override.yml.example to docker-compose.override.yml

You can configure passwords, ports, environment variables and other settings in docker-compose.override.yml The license key for the CMS has to be changed.

This <project-folder>/.env.example file contains the environment settings for the Portal and Laravel framework which need to be copied to <project-folder>/.env and customized (eg.: Mesh API key, logging).


docker-compose up -d
  • You can view the container status with docker-compose ps

  • To view the logs of a specific container, use docker-compose logs -f name. e.g.: docker-compose logs -f portal

  • You can read this page here if you encounter any problems.

Open the reference project in the browser

Portal application

The frontend

http://localhost:8080 - If asked for authentication, register a new account (Keycloak)

Gentics Mesh

Your database, permission manager, etc.

http://localhost:8081 - Use admin / admin as login

Gentics CMS

http://localhost:8082 - Use node / node as login


Authentication provider