Release Schedule

The Gentics CMS Release Schedule lists all planned and past release dates. The release process is described here.

We are in the process of replacing the old administration interface with the new Gentics CMS admin UI. With every release, more functionality will be moved to the new admin UI.

Support for the old editor UI ended on 31.12.2019.

1 Release Plan 2020

Feature Release 1/2020 Leonore 5.36.0 February 2020 February 2021 Release Notes
Feature Release 2/2020 Fidelio 5.37.0 May 2020 May 2021 Release Notes
Feature Release 3/2020 Egmont 5.38.0 August 2020 August 2021 Release Notes

1.1 FR1 2020 (February)

  • Extended Search Features
  • New admin UI for maintenance mode
  • New admin UI for content maintenance

With this release we will start to support PHP-free CMS installations. Please be aware that some non-core features will not be available in such a setup.

1.2 FR2 2020 (May)

  • Form Generator Custom Tool
  • New UI: Archiving and deleting messages
  • New admin UI for search index maintenance
  • Admin UI for node management allows copying and deleting nodes
  • New admin UI Activity Manager for long running CMS processes
  • New editor UI tag list editing for pages
  • UI styling and UX improvements

1.3 FR3 2020 (August)

  • Link checker: search and replace functionality
  • New admin UI for folder permission management
  • New admin UI for dev tools package management
  • New admin UI for CMS log
  • New UI: Display of deleted Items
  • Overview PartType rendering enhancements
  • REST API enhancements

2 Release Plan 2019

Feature Release 1/2019 Apollo 5.34.0 April 2019 April 2020 Release Notes
Feature Release 2/2019 Alex 5.35.0 November 2019 November 2020 Release Notes

2.1 FR1 2019 (April)

  • Revision of time management features for better user experience. With this release the CMS will provide two options for publishing and/or taking offline pages at a certain date & time.
  • The editor UI will be improved by providing the page status in the language indicator list for a page.
  • The user experience for the breadcrumb navigation will be improved to support deep folder structures.
  • Improved editing of object properties
  • REST API for User Management
  • Custom sort date
  • The DevTools will include support for implementation branches.
  • The editor interface will be upgraded to Angular 7.

2.2 FR2 2019 (November)

  • Link checker
  • New admin UI for user, group management
  • New admin UI for template linking
  • New admin UI for node management
  • New CMS configuration
  • New CMS update process
  • New CMS scheduling
  • UI improvements for form generator
  • Custom Tools API improvements

3 Releases 2018

Feature Release 1 Günter 5.30.0 02.03.2018 March 2019 Release Notes
Feature Release 2 Voyager 5.31.0 24.05.2018 May 2019 Release Notes
Feature Release 3 Curiosity 5.32.0 24.10.2018 October 2019 Release Notes
Feature Release 4 Mercury 5.33.0 07.01.2019 January 2020 Release Notes

3.1 FR1 Günter

  • Image manipulation: Focal Point
  • Embedding external Tools in CMS UI
  • Clustering
  • Authentication with Keycloak

3.2 FR2 Voyager

  • Extensions to publishing mechanism in to Gentics Mesh

3.3 FR3 Curiosity

  • The new image manipulation will be redesigned and technically updated to better integrate into the UI.
  • Recent Items Feature for standard search.
  • Gentics Mesh ContentRepository will be extended to support tagged branches for implementation updates without downtime.
  • Extended logging and API for the File Upload Manipulator.
  • The item list now provides an alternative view on images. The user is now able to toggle between the existing masonry view and a standard item list view with thumbnails.

3.4 FR4 Mercury

  • The new Tageditor will replace the old Tagfill-dialog as well as the object properties dialog. Custom Form Tags in the future can be built on the basis of a well-defined API.
  • The UI for managing properties and object properties is being revised.
  • Gentics Mesh ContentRepository is extended to support publishing tags into Micronodes

4 Releases 2017

Feature Release 1 Alexander 5.27.0 08.03.2017 12.04.2017 April 2018 Release Notes
Feature Release 2 Klaus 5.28.0 05.07.2017 26.07.2017 July 2018 Release Notes
Feature Release 3 Clemens 5.29.0 29.11.2017 20.12.2017 December 2018 Release Notes

4.1 FR1 Alexander

  • Devtools

4.2 FR2 Klaus

  • Nice URLs

4.3 FR3 Clemens

  • Fulltext search (Elasticsearch)
  • Spellcheck Plugin
  • Monitoring extension
  • PHP 7 Support
  • OpenJDK Support
  • MariaDB JDBC Connector
  • SSO with Keycloak
  • REST API enhancements

5 Releases 2016

Starting with 2016, there will be some changes in the release schedule:

  1. The schedule will contain the date for only one feature release in advance
  2. Every feature release will be supported at least for one year
  3. At least the last three feature releases will be supported
Feature Release 1 Grizzly 5.23.0 09.03.2016 30.03.2016 March 2017 Release Notes
Feature Release 2 Georg 5.24.0 15.06.2016 06.07.2016 July 2017 Release Notes
Feature Release 3 Laurin 5.25.0 05.09.2016 30.09.2016 October 2017 Release Notes
Feature Release 4 Haymo 5.26.0 16.11.2016 06.12.2016 December 2017 Release Notes

5.1 FR1 Grizzly

  • Start Activiti processes on CMS events
  • REST API enhancements
  • New Part Type “Node”
  • New Velocity directive #gtx_channel

5.2 FR2 Georg

  • Start Activiti processes with the scheduler
  • Attribute specific dirting
  • Wastebin view sortable
  • REST API enhancements

5.3 FR3 Laurin

  • New Gentics CMS UI
  • REST API enhancements
  • Overviews with sticky channel
  • Cross Channel Links

5.4 FR4 Haymo

  • File upload can overwrite existing files
  • REST API enhancements

6 Releases 2015

Feature Release 1 Leonardo 5.20.0 04.05.2015 01.06.2015 06.2016 Release Notes
Feature Release 2 Michelangelo 5.21.0 17.08.2015 07.09.2015 09.2016 Release Notes
Feature Release 3 Raphael 5.22.0 19.10.2015 09.11.2015 11.2016 Release Notes

6.1 FR1 Leonardo

  • Java 8 Update – It is mandatory to use Java 8 when using Gentics CMS 5.20.x and newer.
  • Enhanced error handling for import
  • UI enhancements
  • Performance enhancements
  • REST API enhancements
  • New Velocity directive #gtx_gis

6.2 FR2 Michelangelo

  • Support for custom Java installation
  • REST API enhancements
  • Setting for default inheritance

6.3 FR3 Raphael

  • Activiti
  • REST API enhancements
  • Node specific publish settings
  • UI enhancements

7 Releases 2014

Feature Release 1 David 5.16.0 24.02.2014 17.03.2014 23.03.2015 Release Notes
Feature Release 2 Ash 5.17.0 19.05.2014 17.06.2014 08.06.2015 Release Notes
Feature Release 3 Bishop 5.18.0 18.08.2014 08.09.2014 07.09.2015 Release Notes
Feature Release 4 Call 5.19.0 17.11.2014 11.12.2014 03.2016 Release Notes

7.1 FR1 David

7.1.1 Apache Webserver / PHP (optional change)

Support for distribution Apache webserver and PHP will be added to Gentics CMS.

With this support you may no longer use the included package Apache webserver and package PHP binaries. The system Apache webserver and system PHP installation can be used instead.

A configuration guide will be provided which includes all the details for the needed configuration changes. The guide will be applicable for the latest distributions of SLES, RHEL and Debian.

The local package apache (/Node/apache*) and PHP installation will not be removed automatically. This is an optional change and can be omitted for the Feature Release 1 and 2.

7.1.2 MySQL 5.0 / 5.1 support

Gentics CMS 5.16 will no longer support MySQL 5.0 / 5.1.

7.1.3 Portal.Node 2 removal

The long deprecated Portal.Node 2 feature will be removed.

7.2 FR2 Ash

7.2.1 Internet Explorer 7 support

Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 will be dropped with this feature release.

7.3 FR3 Bishop

7.3.1 Apache / PHP (mandatory change)

Gentics CMS 5.18 will no longer support the package Apache Webserver / PHP that is located within /Node/apache. Please take a look at our migration guide for more information.

7.3.2 Apache Tomcat 7 Update

Gentics CMS 5.18.0 will be updated to use Apache Tomcat 7.

7.3.3 Image Manipulation

The duplicate function for the image manipulation 2 will be updated. With this release it will be possible to create copies of resized images without the need to first duplicate them.

7.3.4 IPv6 support

IPv6 will be supported.

7.3.5 Repository Browser

The UI of the repository browser will be improved.

7.4 FR4 Call

7.4.1 Disinheriting Objects in Channels

Removing inherited objects (pages, images, files and folders) from channels will be possible using this feature.

7.4.2 Exclude from multichanneling

With this feature it will be possible to exclude objects from multichanneling inheritance.

7.4.3 SVG Support

Handling of SVG images is now supported. Those files will no longer be detected as files.

8 Releases 2013

Feature Release 1 Batu 5.12.0 11.02.2013 28.02.2013 30.08.2013 Release Notes
Feature Release 2 Jakarta 5.13.0 13.05.2013 31.05.2013 29.11.2013 Release Notes
Feature Release 3 Tangerang 5.14.0 12.08.2013 30.08.2013 08.09.2014 Release Notes
Feature Release 4 Tegal 5.15.0 11.11.2013 29.11.2013 09.12.2014 Release Notes