Gentics Content.Node Changelog Summary

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.26

Bugfix SUP-6749

The ‘Save‘ button is now always enabled when editing pages, properties, and object properties, except if the respective object is locked by another user. This resolves several issues where the ‘Save‘ button was not being enabled after a change.

Bugfix SUP-6694

Sometimes the buttons “OK“ and “Cancel” were missing in the tagfill dialog, when using the new UI. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6762

On slow machines and/or slow connections a race condition in the new UI could render the UI unusable. This has been fixed.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.25

Bugfix SUP-6235

When loading a template over the REST API with a given nodeId, the list of objecttags in the template will now be restricted to the objecttags, which are either globally available or assigned to the node.

Bugfix SUP-6725

Devtool packages, which are created as symbolic links are not automatically detected. Directories with names starting with ‘.‘ (like ‘.git‘, ‘.svn‘, ...) are no longer detected as devtool packages. It is also no longer possible to create a package over the UI or REST API with a name starting with ‘.‘.

Bugfix SUP-6439

Synchronizing template tags with pages behaved inconsistently: Missing tags were only added to pages, which also contained tags that needed to be migrated (because they used different constructs). This has been fixed now, when synchronizing template tags with pages, this will:

  • Create missing tags
  • Migrate existing tags to the construct used in the template
  • Remove superfluous tags (tags that came from the template, but no longer exist in the template or are no longer editable in pages)

Synchronization of template tags with pages can be triggered via

  • Template|Tag list (Action sync with pages)
  • Template|Define tags (Button Apply and sync with pages)
  • Template|Tagstate (Button sync with pages)

Bugfix SUP-6675

Adds extra validity checks and uniqueness on breadcrumbs creation.

Bugfix SUP-5480

Sometimes, when updating the binary contents of files, some temporary files could be left over in the folder /Node/tomcat/temp This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5404

Changes made on object property definitions were not automatically synchronized to devtool packages, even when the automatic sync was enabled. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6325

When an import changed only tags of a template, but no properties of the template itself (like the name or source), the editor and edate of the template were not modified. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5519

The cookie handling of the RestClient has been modified, so that every instance will use a separate store. This fixes overwriting of the session cookie when multiple logged in instances were used.

Bugfix SUP-5378

The previews of images, which were resized with the GenticsImageStore were cached, regardless of whether the editor was allowed to view them. This could cause editors to see the cached “not allowed” image, if if they had sufficient privileges. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.24

Bugfix SUP-6600

Under special circumstances (e.g. when using instant publishing, a fileupload manipulator and activiti), dirting of files did not always work as expected. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.23

Bugfix SUP-6654

When opening a page with variants an internal error occured, which in some cases prevented the “Save Page” and other buttons to not be displayed. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6610

When user clicks on a language of a page and select Preview of the language in the context menu it was opened in Edit mode, but should be opened in Preview mode. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6617

When using the new UI to edit the object properties of a file or image, saving could fail with an SGB, if the user never used the old UI before. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.22

Optional Manual Change

When saving forms containing ‘><”‘ chrome xss auditor was triggered. This can be deactivated by sending the X-XSS-Protection: 0 header.

Please enable the Apache 2 module “headers“. On most distributions this is done by executing “a2enmod headers”. Apache 2 has to be restarted afterwards. See for more details on the topic.

Bugfix SUP-6280

When objects were synchronized between channels, overviews were not dirted and republished in all cases. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5179

When publishing files into a ContentRepository, errors like com.gentics.api.lib.exception.NodeException: Error while adding a dependency where logged. Those errors had no functional consequence and will be omitted now.

Bugfix SUP-6315

When copying a tag containing a checkbox part using the REST API endpoint /page/newtag, the tag returned by that call always claimed the checkbox part to have value “false“ (even if the copied tag was stored with the correct value “true”). This has been fixed now, the returned tag will always contain the correct data.

Bugfix SUP-6295

When a previous version of a page was restored in the new UI, the page‘s status label was not updated to ‘edited‘. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.21

The Gravatar feature will be removed in GCMS Version 5.32.
Meanwhile, Gravatar should be disabled by setting
$FEATURE[“no_gravatar”] = true;
See also No Gravatar in the guides.

Bugfix SUP-6161

The uniqueness check for page filenames failed to detect conflicts with published page versions, when the page was modified to another filename and not republished. This has been fixed now, the uniqueness check will now also check against published page versions.

Bugfix SUP-6250

The GlobalIdSync tool has been extended to support synchronization of datasource_values, if the datasources are in sync.

Bugfix SUP-5153

The progress bar for downloading an import bundle has been improved to update more often.

Bugfix SUP-6075

When using the feature devtools and editing a template from the Templates list of a Node, this sometimes failed with an SGB due to an incorrect permission check. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.20

Bugfix SUP-6115

UI: When saving a page with an empty filename, derive it from the page name

Bugfix SUP-5896

UI: Update gentics-ui-core version to fix modal scrolling

Bugfix SUP-5807

UI: Show full path in editor title when hovered

Bugfix SUP-5992

UI: Fix displaying error messages

Bugfix SUP-6413

Sometimes files where not cached correctly. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix GTXPE-218

UI: Remove UI version from user menu and login

Bugfix SUP-6112

Deleting folders or triggering dependencies in multichannelling environments sometimes failed with an error like: Data inconsistent: Folder {[id]} of page {[id]} does not exist!
The cause for this error was no data inconsistency, but an incorrect multichannelling fallback, which has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6329

UI: Fix styling of overlay tagfill modals

Bugfix SUP-6361

UI: Fix styling in node properties

Bugfix GTXPE-248

UI: Style image attributes to not overlapp action buttons

Bugfix SUP-6424

Sometimes, searching for contentattributes in a multichannelling contentrepository with the CR Browser failed with an error. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.19

Bugfix SUP-6171

Sometimes page versions where created out of order, which could also cause some page versions to be used multiple times. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6113

The REST API Endpoints

  • /page/usage/tag
  • /page/usage/variant
  • /page/usage/page
  • /file/usage/page
  • /image/usage/page

never returned additional data with the pages (like contenttags, objecttags, ...), although the example in the REST API documentation showed this data.
The endpoints now accept additional query parameters to add various information (similar to /folder/getPages/[id]).

Bugfix SUP-6214

When using the features nice_url and publish_cache in combination, saving pages with nice URLs could fail with an internal error, which has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.18

Bugfix SUP-6238

UI: Fixed an edge-case which prevented new users from logging in.

Bugfix SUP-6178

UI: Enable/disable save button when an editable updates the page via the GCN JSLib.

Bugfix SUP-6010

When using the features nice_urls and multichannelling, copying a page into a folder with more restrictive inheritance settings than the source folder failed with an internal error. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6162

The Tag Type Migration did not correctly handle queued pages. Queued pages have automatically been published before. This behaviour has been fixed now. Handled pages will now be put back into the queued status by the migration.

Bugfix SUP-6015

UI: Editor no longer overrides link behavior for anchor links. This restores the behavior of editables which rely on jQuery UI and other jQuery plugins.

Bugfix SUP-6034

When uploading a file failed (e.g. due to insufficient permissions or because it has been denied by the file upload manipulator), the response message was general and not specific to the causing problem. This has been fixed now. Especially when the file is denied by the file upload manipulator, the message provided by the file upload manipulator will be returned now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.17

Bugfix SUP-5755

UI: Show search field more visible

Bugfix SUP-5748

UI: Show correct usage count after new page variation created

Bugfix SUP-5756

When a page was rendered in preview or edit mode with Aloha Editor, the response contained the content-type of the page, but returned basically HTML code. This caused the browser to not display the response, but an error instead. This has been changed now, so that the content-type of the response will always be text/html.

Bugfix SUP-5856

When creating or updating a page over the REST API or with the new UI, and setting a filename without or with a wrong extension (that is: an extension that does not match the extension enforced by the page‘s template), the correct extension was not automatically appended. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.16

Bugfix SUP-5894

UI: Add option to keep existing filename when replacing item

Bugfix SUP-3564

The script /Node/bin/nodectl has been modified to return a proper exit status when the Tomcat cannot be started.

Bugfix SUP-6035

In special cases when a publish process failed, this could cause some connections to the backend database to remain open. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6017

When the feature nice_urls was activated, publishing of pages in a channel into the filesystem did not work, if the master node did not have publishing into the filesystem activated. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-4942

Fixed a bug where the printing of error messages didn‘t work correctly. This could affect the error messages logged in the Scheduler logs.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.15

Bugfix SUP-5876

When a tag containing a visible overview part was rendered in edit mode, the page was not editable any more, if the overview contained the page itself. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5726

UI: Fix styling for favourites stars to be more visible

Bugfix SUP-5727

UI: Fix opening an item in the editor when clicking on a page in the favourites list

Bugfix GTXPE-238

UI: Keep unread message list displayed correctly after receiving new message

Bugfix SUP-5823

UI: Fix permissions when changing node in repository browser

Bugfix SUP-5925

When values of static datasource were changed in the GCMS, the values were stored with new global IDs, which caused problems during synchronization using the devtools. This has been fixed now, the global IDs of datasource values will not change during updating.

Bugfix SUP-5967

When a request with an invalid session ID was made to the Rest API, the used transaction has not been returned to the connection pool. After a while this could lock up the CMS because the connection pool was exhausted. This has been fixed.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.14

Optional Manual Change

An error in the CMS integration of Activiti Processes Webapps, which caused the Activiti UI and processes to fail

with a has been fixed.
Installations using the Activiti Integration need to have the Activiti Server updated to get this fix.

Bugfix SUP-5831

When setting a nice URL to a page, the uniqueness check failed to detect pages, which were published with the same nice URL, but later changed to another nice URL (without publishing). This could cause subsequent errors in the publish process and has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5700

UI: FormGenerator button handling fixed for Internet Explorer & slower systems.

Bugfix SUP-5846

Sometimes, when starting an autoupdate, the status was not shown correctly: All steps were immediately shown as succeeded, even though the update was still running. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.13

Bugfix SUP-5804

When a tag is selected (by clicking on it) and then removed with the keyboard, the user will now get a confirmation dialog for deleting the tag. This behaviour is now consistent with deleting a tag with the “delete” button.

Bugfix SUP-5757

UI: Ignore “#” links in internal link handling

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.12

Bugfix SUP-5714

UI: Fix unwanted navigation away from the page being edited when clicking certain buttons or links.

Bugfix SUP-5493

A performance issue when rendering certain tags has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-5667

UI: Show correct error messages

Bugfix SUP-5667

Requests to the REST API to create/update objects with too long data (e.g. more than 255 characters for a page‘s name) failed with an error. The behaviour has been changed now, so that too long data will automatically be truncated.

Bugfix SUP-5609

When templates were pushed to a master node from a localized folder, the templates would not be shown in that folder anymore (neither in the channel, nor the master) due to an incorrect assignment. This error has been fixed and the update will automatically repair the incorrect assigments, so that any incorrectly assigned templates will reappear.

Bugfix SUP-5665

UI: Fix form submission via “enter” key when creating pages and folders in IE11.

Bugfix SUP-5666

UI: Disable button when sending form to prevent double click

Bugfix SUP-5668

UI: When editing a page, the page was marked as being modified too often (even when there was no actual change), which caused a warning about unsaved changes when leaving the edit mode (e.g. switching to preview). This has been changed now, so that the page will only be marked modified, if actually changed.

Bugfix SUP-5671

UI: Show error message when saving item properties fails

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.11

Manual Change

The new UI is now shipped with a .htaccess file that controls the cache settings. Please enable the Apache 2 module “mod_expires“. On most distributions this is done by executing “a2enmod expires”. Apache 2 has to be restarted afterwards.

Bugfix GCU-372

UI: Show different logged out message for maintenance and inactivity

Bugfix SUP-5682

UI: Fix caching issues with the UI JavaScript bundles.

Bugfix GCU-422

UI: Fix take-offline modal styling

Bugfix SUP-5628

UI: Disable okay button for form generator until the save button is clicked

Bugfix SUP-5674

When using the devtools, changes in the filesystem of the packages were not always reflected in the UI when the automatic synchronization was disabled. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix GCU-425

UI: Unlocalizing item opened in editor updates the url and refreshes the item list

Bugfix SUP-5683

On systems using old PHP versions, the list of devtool packages assigned to a node did not work (showed a blank page) due to a parse error. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix GCU-404

UI: Navigating to a favorite in the current folder opens the item for preview

Bugfix GCU-419

UI: Localizing item opened for preview updates the content frame

Bugfix SUP-5379

The dirting of pages with automatic overviews didn‘t always work when objects got excluded or included from the channel or when new objects have been created in a localized folder. This has been fixed.

Bugfix GCU-236

UI: Show display fields correctly on small window sizes

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.10

When applying this update, the packaged Tomcat will be updated to version 7.0.82 which contains important security and bug fixes. You can delete the old Tomcat directories after updating.

Bugfix SUP-5380

The xml response of the REST API endpoints /file/usage/total and /image/usage/total did not contain any usage info. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-5431

Fixed that users that are restricted to a certain channel and have no permissions on the master node were not able to create new files in certain cases.

Bugfix SUP-5472

When editing the object properties for pages using the new UI, sometimes the action to apply an object property to all language variants of the page was not available. This has been fixed now.

New UI Update

UI Version 1.13.2

  • Show confirmation modal if a user without wastebin permissions deletes an item
  • Allow clearing dates in the time management modal
  • Allow sorting of wastebin contents
  • Correctly fetch template information when working in a channel
  • Improve performance when navigating by eliminating redundant API calls
  • Searching for a number no longer returns irrelevant results

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.9

Bugfix SUP-5351

When using the devtools to synchronize an object property definition, the category and the flags for required and inheritable were not synchronized. This has been fixed now.
Note, that objects, that were synchronized to the filesystem with a version of Gentics CMS having this fix can no longer be synchronized from the filesystem with an older version.

Bugfix SUP-5237

When using the devtools to synchronize tagtypes containing overview parts, the overall overview settings

  • Allowed object types
  • Allowed selection types
  • Hide sort options
  • Sticky Channel
  • Default template
  • “Changeable” flag for the template
    were not synchronized. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5364

Synchronizing objects with special characters (like umlauts) in the name using the devtools sometimes failed with an error. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5345

When using the devtools to synchronize a construct, the categories were not synchronized. This has been fixed now.
Note, that objects, that were synchronized to the filesystem with a version of Gentics CMS having this fix can no longer be synchronized from the filesystem with an older version.

Bugfix SUP-5389

Fixed that the deletion of import bundles didn‘t work sometimes. A white page appeared and an error was logged.

Bugfix SUP-5362

When using the devtools to synchronize a template, changing of an object property of the template did not trigger the automatic synchronization into the package. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-5350

When using the tagfill dialog in the new UI, selecting an image could cause an error (showing a blank page), if the user had never logged in using the old UI before. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.8

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.7

Bugfix SUP-5241

Uploading a file didn‘t work when the nice_urls feature is activated and the folder of the file to create is disinherited in other channels of this node. This has been fixed.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.6

Bugfix SUP-5096

When a maintenance banner message is set that takes allot of space, it will not overlap the menu anymore. The maintenance banner can be scrolled now.

Bugfix SUP-5169

Fixed a javascript error that occurred when deleting a Content.Repository which was still linked to at least one node.

Bugfix SUP-5161

Fixed a special case where files with the same filenames could be uploaded with the new UI when the filenames were very long.

Bugfix SUP-5092

Creating a page didn‘t work when the nice_urls feature is activated and the folder of the page to create is disinherited in other channels of this node. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-5169

Fixed an error which prevented the native fileutils from being loaded. This error only affected the Gentics CMS docker image.

Bugfix SUP-5125

When the feature always_localize was enabled, viewing the properties of an inherited object (folders, pages, files) caused the object to be localized immediately. This has been changed now to localize the object only when the user submits the properties dialog.

New UI Update

UI Version 1.13.0

  • Node selectors are filterable when there are many nodes
  • On login, the UI starts from the last-used node
  • Fix item selection logic in list
  • Fix dropdown menus not using available space

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.5

Documentation SUP-4833

Fixed Chapters which would not appear on certain Pages. Also fixed the automatic-anchor links to these Chapters.

Bugfix SUP-5056

Fixed an issue where the tag edit dialog consumed too much memory when the page has many versions.


When a Rest API method was called with wrong credentials (session ID), a HTTP 200 OK response code was returned. This has been changed to correctly return a HTTP 401 Unauthorized response.

Bugfix SUP-4988

When publishing a channel into a ContentRepository, the motherid of objects always contained the ID of the master object, even if the mother was localized in the channel. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-4992

Fixed an SGB error that occured when adding a node in an overview tag with the repository browser.

Bugfix SUP-4948

Requests to the REST API with invalid session credentials (e.g. when the session timed out) caused unnecessary log output on the server, which will be omitted now.

Bugfix SUP-4834

When importing a page with a language into a system, where that page was put in the wastebin, the page was not imported, but only removed from the wastebin. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-4972

When an editor starts editing a page that has unversioned changes, the implicitly created version will now have the timestamp of the last change made on the page, not the current timestamp.

Bugfix SUP-4929

When doing a global tagtype migration on pages and templates, the templates were migrated first. This caused pages to be changed to use the new tagtype, without applying the mapping. The order has been changed now, so that pages will be migrated first, and the templates after that.
Additionally, the Guides:“” have been updated with a note, that when tags in templates are migrated, that are editable in pages, the pages will be changed, but not migrated with the mapping.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.4

Bugfix SUP-4941

Fixed a bug in the GenticsImageStore that caused images that are cropped to have the wrong width and height. Be careful when updating if you have pages with cropped images and swapped crop width and crop height in the GenticsImagestore URL.

Bugfix SUP-4911

Aloha Editor gcnfileupload-plugin: Uploading a new file did not work when the Fileupload Manipulator previously rejected the file and the dialog has not been closed in between.

Bugfix SUP-4646

Moving a folder to another channel did not move all objects within that folder to the new channel which could make objects inaccessible in some situations. This has been fixed.

New UI Update

UI Version 1.12.0

  • Repository browser supports selecting items from user favourites
  • Opening an item in the editor panel highlights it in the list
  • Node and base folder properties can now be edited
  • Close editor when user deletes opened item
  • Correctly update page status after publishing
  • Fix taking pages offline where there are no language variants
  • Fix runtime error in item list
  • Performance improvements
  • Improve handling of unknown nodes and folders

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.3

Enhancement SUP-4907

It is now possible to use different Media-RequestTypes in Rest-Requests when using the RestClientManager in Activiti-Tasks

Bugfix SUP-4910

Clicking ‘Back to the folder‘ before uploading a new file or image did nothing. Now it works as intended.

Bugfix SUP-4824

Some UI errors for export of channels have been fixed:

  • It is now possible to select channels also from the list of nodes (not only from the tree)
  • Channels will now also be included in the count of objects contained in an export bundle
  • Channels will now be shown in the overview and detailed list of objects contained in an export bundle

Bugfix SUP-4867

The fix for SUP-4530 “When using the gcnfileupload Aloha Editor Plugin to upload files, the file upload dialog did not always close after successful upload. This has been fixed now.” has been extended to work under all circumstances.

Bugfix SUP-4363

Fixed that Rest API requests to /auth/login failed when the User-Agent header was empty. A set User-Agent ist not required for HTTP requests.

Bugfix SUP-4293

Fixed a bug where duplicate pages with the same name and filename would be created when copying multiple pages to another folder and the user would double click the folder name link.

Bugfix SUP-4308

Fixed that the assigned content repository was not saved when using the rest methods /node/create or /node/save with a new content repository ID.

New UI Update

UI Version 1.11.0

  • Do not hide display fields when right panel is open
  • Redirect to previous URL on login
  • Improved load times in all browsers
  • Fix language comparison mode
  • Fix error when searching by page id for a localized page

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.2

Bugfix SUP-4832

Feature invalidpageurlmsg: Fixed that deleting a page from the wastebin generated an inbox message when the page was references by a link in another page. The message will be only sent anymore when the page is moved to the wastebin.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.1

Documentation SUP-4738

The Guides to install Oracle Server JRE 8 on Debian have been updated to fix errors in Autoupdate due to missing jar tool.

Bugfix SUP-4309

When restarting the Tomcat with the nodectl command, the script could hang in an infinite loop when the PID file doesn‘t exist. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-4638

Fixed user being notified for offline links unnecessarily when the source page also has been taken offline at the same time.

Bugfix SUP-4740

The permission check of the REST API endpoint /user/save/{id} was too restrictive and has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-4530

When using the gcnfileupload Aloha Editor Plugin to upload files, the file upload dialog did not always close after successful upload. This has been fixed now.

Gentics Content.Node 5.28.0

Optional Manual Change

Internal Aloha links can now be marked as online/offline via the attribute data-gentics-aloha-object-online.

This will be used in the aloha editor plugin emptylink to highlight links to internal pages that are offline. Check out the (Aloha Page Link Tag Description) for details.

Enhancement GTXPE-74

The list of objects in the wastebin can now also be sorted by folder path.

Enhancement GTXPE-79

The new feature nice_urls allows setting of alternative URLs for pages.

Enhancement GTXPE-52

The tag migration tool now supports custom pre processors, that can modify tags (before they are migrated), skip migration for specific tags or skip migration of objects. Consult the Migration Tool Documentation for details.

Bugfix SUP-4688

Fixed a bug which caused the REST API to reject XML formatted bodies.

New UI Update

UI Version 1.10.0

  • Support for nice urls
  • Fix height of multi-select inputs in object properties form
  • Clicking Gentics logo clears out the search term
  • Fix unwanted switching between edit/list views in IE11
  • Fix page scrolling issue in IE11