Gentics Portal | php search calls the underlying Gentics Mesh Search plugin endpoints and returns the result as a proxy.


  • Gentics Mesh Search plugin

  • Plugin configuration

  • Search queries

  • ElasticSearch index setup

  • Additional queries (optional)

Switch from the Legacy Search Handler

If a project has a previous search implementation, it should have an elasticSearch configuration key in the portal.php file. Until this key exists, the SearchHandlerLegacy will be loaded for backward compatibility.

To switch to the SearchHandlerMeshPlugin handler you must either comment out or remove this configuration key.

Gentics Portal | php exposes two endpoints under the /api/search path:

  • To do a search query, use the /api/search/search endpoint

  • To do an autocomplete query, use the /api/search/autocomplete endpoint

The authentication token is injected automatically if Gentics Portal | php can authenticate the user. Otherwise, it will be used anonymously.

It is possible to render the search results from Laravel. The built-in SearchController has an index action, which is usable out-of-the-box and the results can be displayed in your views. The action is mapped to the /search route by default.

Input query parameters

  • q - The search query

  • t - The search tags

  • b - The branch to search

  • p - Search results page number

  • l - Search for specific language

Search results output

The view will contain a $search variable which has the following properties:

  • results - The results array

  • resultCount - The results count

  • page - The current page

  • query - The search query details

  • searchtags - The search tags data

  • hasMore - It tells if there are more search result pages

  • didYouMean - Provides did you mean data, if available

Non-blocking requests

Search requests by default in Mesh waits for ElasticSearch’s idle state. To avoid this, either Mesh need to be configured to disable the waitForIdle state or Gentics Portal | php can be configured to do so per request.

The configuration for Gentics Portal | php can be set in the portal.php configuration file:

    'meshNoWaitForIdle' => true,