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Gentics Content Management Platform Releases

Gentics Content Management Platform is released on a time based cycle: We plan in advance to release on a certain date, and the development effort is aimed at producing an enterprise grade release at that date. Therefore, “feature freeze” usually happens months before the actual release. We currently plan to produce 2 feature releases of the Gentics Content Management Platform per year. In certain situations we might be forced to divert from this plan.

The version numbers of releases of Gentics Content Management Platform are in the format major.minor. The latest version is 8.0.

Each feature release is accompanied with blog posts introducing new and enhanced functionality. 

Releases of Components

Each release of the Gentics Content Management Platform is formed by separate releases of its components: Gentics CMS, Gentics Mesh, Gentics Portal. These components all have independent versions in the format major.minor.patchlevel.

The corresponding component versions that form a Gentics Content Management Platform release can be found in Gentics Content Management Platform Versions. To be eligible for support, all components must be part of one release of the Gentics Content Management Platform.[1] 

Maintenance and security updates

For every supported feature release, we regularly release hotfixes with the goal to:

  • fixing security vulnerabilities
  • fix high-impact bugs
  • fix bugs with substantial benefit and low risk 

We do not introducing new features with these releases.  

Release Notes

Each feature release of Gentics Content Management Platform is accompanied by a Changelog entry.

In addition, both feature and hotfix releases of each component are accompanied by a Changelog entry. These entries can be found here:

Planned future changes are announced via these documents too.  

Support Length

The end-of-life date of each feature release is usually 1 year after its initial release date. After that date, the software is no longer supported by Gentics.[1] Our release schedule assures that there are 2 supported releases available at any time. 

Release Team

If you have questions regarding upcoming releases, please contact your Gentics technical customer consultant, or contact us

1. Individual contracts may contain diverging support commitments.