Table of Contents

Install the CMP

Follow the guides to create a new CMP installation with Docker, Kubernetes or Linux

Download Manual

Download the manual from our Maven repository.

Copy or mount the archives contents under /cms/packages and /cms/content-package to the correct locations for the CMS (see the installation instructions for Docker, Kubernetes or Linux).

Copy or mount the implementation data for the chosen portal to the correct location.

For example when in the docker-compose setup, extract the manual archive into the toplevel directory where docker-compose.yml is located, and make sure the following mounts are configured:

      - ./packages:/cms/packages
      - ./content-packages:/cms/content-packages

Start the CMS

Start the CMS and import first the manual devtools package and then the content-package.

Starting the portals

Images for Gentics Portal | java and Gentics Portal | php to serve the manual will be provided soon.