Updating the Gentics Content Management Platform using Kubernetes

Table of Contents

It is important to understand that each helm chart has (at least) two different versions: the version of the helm chart, and the version of the application that is managed by the helm chart.

The helm chart version is upgraded to the latest version every time you run helm upgrade —  unless you specify a -⁠-⁠version manually.

The application version is specified in the values.yaml. To upgrade the application, modify the tag key. There might be multiple occurrences of the tag in the values.yaml — please make sure you keep them consistent.

After making your change, run helm upgrade -i with the same parameters you used when installing.

As with every software, please consult the changelog before performing the update, and don’t forget to make a backup.
Please be aware that helm list shows an “app version”, but this version will likely differ from the actual version running on your cluster, as the version you specified in the values.yaml takes precedence, but is not known by helm list.