Configuration of the Gentics Content Management Platform using Kubernetes

Table of Contents

Gentics CMS

The helm chart provides two ways to access the configuration files of Gentics CMS:

In your values.yaml, modify the config.cms entry. Then, run:

helm -n NAMESPACE upgrade gentics-cms -f /path/to/your/values.yaml gentics/gentics-cms

You can also add config files to the cms/extraconfig directory of the gentics-cms-data PersistentVolumeClaim.

You need to reload the configuration in Gentics CMS for your changes to take effect.

Gentics Mesh

Gentics Mesh can be configured using environment variables or configuration files. Consult the Gentics Mesh administration guide for a complete list of configuration options. We recommend using environment variables to configure Gentics Mesh when using Kubernetes.

To specify environment variables, add entries to the extraEnv in the values.yaml. Kubernetes will perform a rolling update of Gentics Mesh instances once you execute:

helm -n NAMESPACE upgrade gentics-mesh -f /path/to/your/values.yaml gentics/gentics-mesh

To modify the configuration files, edit the configmap with this command:

kubectl -n NAMESPACE edit configmap gentics-mesh-config

Unlike environment variables, changes to this configmap will not trigger a rolling update — you have to do that manually, e.g. by setting/changing any extraEnv variable.

Gentics Portal

Gentics Portal | php

Gentics Portal | php can be configured using environment variables and configurations files.

Consult the portal.php configuration file for a complete list of configuration options.

Also, to set the Gentics Mesh API Key and URL you can use these variables in your values.yaml: mesh.apikey and mesh.url.

Then, deploy the changes by upgrading your helm chart:

helm -n NAMESPACE upgrade gentics-portal -f /path/to/your/values.yaml gentics/gentics-portal-php