Technology Stack

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We are pretty sure you know what a haystack is. And you probably have a stack of paper on your desk right now. But have you ever asked yourself what technology stack Gentics Content Management Platform is using?

Well, ask no more, because on this page we give you a brief introduction to the technology stack used in the Gentics Content Management Platform.

Gentics CMS

Component Type
Java OpenJDK Java virtual machine
PHP Scripting Language
MariaDB-Client Client for relational database

Gentics Mesh Content Repository

Component Type
OrientDB Graph Database
Ferma Object-Graph Model Library
Elasticsearch Search Engine
Vert.x Core Framework
Hazelcast Cross-JVM communication
Dagger 2 Dependency Injection
You can find the components' current version numbers by querying the Gentics Mesh demo instance or your local instance.

Gentics Portal | php

Component Type
PHP Scripting Language
Intl PHP Extension Modules for internationalization
Composer Package Manager
Laravel Framework Web Framework
Blade Templates Templating Engine (part of Laravel)

Gentics Portal | java

Component Type
Java SE Java Development Kit
Gentics Mesh Java Client Client for Gentics Mesh
Vert.x Core Framework
Maven Build Management Tool
Dagger 2 Dependency Injection Templating Engine