Accessing Logs using Kubernetes

Accessing the Log of a POD

In Kubernetes, applications usually log to STDOUT, which is captured and managed by Kubernetes.

To access the log, use the kubectl -n NAMESPACE logs PODNAME command. Useful options include --tail (specify the number of lines), --since and --follow.

Instead of specifying the PODNAME, you can also use a selector:

  • -l for Gentics CMS

  • -l for Gentics Mesh

  • -l for Gentics Portal | php

  • -l for Gentics Portal | java

  • -l for Gentics Task Management App

  • -l for Keycloak

  • -l app=mariadb for MariaDB

  • -l chart=elasticsearch for Elasticsearch

Gentics CMS Specific Logfiles

Gentics CMS uses different logfiles for specific tasks, as is detailed in the Gentics CMS guide.