Gentics Content Management Platform — Changelog

Version 7.8

  • Administration of Forms stored in the Form Generator Plugin can now be done with a new Custom Tool. The new part type “Form” can be used to select a form from the Form Generator Tool in the new Editor User Interface of Gentics CMS.

  • Gentics Mesh now supports defining Elasticsearch settings (“mappings”) per language. This helps using language specific stemmers or stop word lists.

  • The plugin registration process of Gentics Mesh was changed to improve clustered deployments.

  • Added Recent Items to the extended search of Gentics CMS.

  • Gentics CMS now allows editing the tag list new editor UI.

  • The admin UI of Gentics CMS supports copying and deleting nodes.

  • The new activity manager visualizes long running processes in Gentics CMS.

  • The time management modal of Gentics CMS can now supports keyboard input.

  • The adm UI of Gentics CMS now features the Elastic Search Index Maintenance module.

  • Its now possible to archive and delete messages from the Admin UI of Gentics CMS.

For a detailed changelog, please consult the individual changelogs of the components.

Version 7.7

  • The extended search has been greatly improved in Gentics CMS.

  • The new administration interface of Gentics CMS got an additional module: nodes can now be created and configured in the new UI.

  • Notifications can now be batch-deleted in Gentics CMS.

  • Upgrading to Gentics Mesh 1.2 and above will perform a database migration that may take some time to complete. Clustered setups may need to be initialized again afterwards.

  • The docker images for the Gentics Content Management Platform have been improved to be compatible with OpenShift.

  • Client certificate support has been added in Gentics Mesh (see

  • The initial admin password that is created during setup of Gentics Mesh will now be randomized.

  • The maven repository for the Gentics Portal | java artifacts has been changed.

  • The GraphQL for sitemap generation has changed in Gentics Portal | java. If you are using your own query for loading the sitemap nodes, you have to replace it to fit the new structure.

  • Support for multi-project portals has been added to Gentics Portal | php.

  • The usage of the Gentics Portal | java PortalServerComponent and BootstrapInitializer classes has been improved, which might require modifications to your code.

  • Support for implementation branches has been improved in both portals.

  • Many performance improvements throughout all components have been performed.

For a detailed changelog, please consult the individual changelogs of the components.

Version 7.6 and below

Please consult the individual changelogs of the components.