Gentics Consent Management: Use cookies GDPR compliant

Get the consent of the user for cookies - uncomplicated and according to the GDPR.

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Your advantages

GDPR compliant

Cookies are set only after approval, Consent is stored locally and self-assessment is possible at any time.

Suitable for any online portal

The solution can be used for any web design and any type of cookie.

Technology neutral

The Gentics Consent Management solution can be used for any online portal. Regardless of which technology or which CMS is used.


Gentics Consent Management offers you a smart solution for using cookies GDPR compliant in online portals. A user of your online portal receives at the first call of the page the possibility to agree or refuse the use of cookies in several stages (Consent or No-Consent). The user's selection is automatically saved on the user's device. Consequently, only those cookies are set which the user has agreed to.

Gentics Consent Management also offers you the option of requesting consent for cookie clusters - groups of cookies.. You can choose these clusters freely, the type of consent is stored as a cookie on the user's device. In your online portals no data for the user's consent decision is stored.

If a user requests information according to the GDPR, it is possible to send the user an information link in which all information on the consents has been recorded. Alternativel, you can permanently integrate the information link into the privacy policy of your online portal. Every user can use this link to retrieve the content of their consent decision as part of a self-service solution.

In detail

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  • GDPR compliant

    Gentics Consent Management supports operators of online portals in the GDPR compliant collection and storage of consent for the setting of cookies. If a user requires information about his consent decisions, this can be granted by means of a self-service solution.

  • Freely configurable interface

    There are no specifications for the user interface of a consent query. Design, structure and logic are freely designable and can be individually adapted to the corporate design of the online portal.

  • JavaScript based

    The technical basis of Gentics Consent Management is a JavaScript snippet with a fully documented API. This solution can be integrated in any online portal.

  • Easy configuration

    Cookie category number, name and content settings can be set as JSON configuration.

  • Decentralized storage of consent

    The user's consent is stored as a cookie on the user's device. Before setting a cookie in an online portal, the consent is requested.

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