Aloha Editor - A New Kind of Content Design

The HTML5 editor for your CMS

Editing with Aloha Editor

Based on the principle of "What you see is what you get", the HTML5 editor makes it possible to edit websites directly on the portal. Fast, uncomplicated editing of videos, photos, graphics, animation and text is daily business with Aloha Editor.


With Aloha Editor you save 25% of your content manager's time on everyday tasks.

Open source

Aloha Editor combines the JavaScript expertise of over 40 developers from all over the world.


Aloha Editor is easy to use. Your content managers save time they would otherwise spend in training.


Based on your requirements and preferences, the editor can be expanded to include the functions you want.

"Our vision is to make the Aloha Editor the best editor in the world"
Petro Salema, chief developer of Aloha Editor

What Aloha Editor does for you

"It has to be easier". This is one of the most frequent things content managers want from their content management systems. With Aloha Editor we have taken this to heart and developed the simplest and most efficient input tool for our content management system.

The extraordinary thing about it: with the Aloha Editor you edit content directly in your website, without having to change to a complicated input tool. The work is as easy as with a text editing tool such as Microsoft Word.

Aloha Editor is an HTML5- and JavaScript-based "What you see is what you get" editor which is supplied with our products, but can also be very easily integrated into other input tools or web applications. With just few lines of programming code, your own web application or web CMS is significantly improved and content managers can look forward to a greater user friendliness.

Classic lead times in which content managers have to be trained in the new tool disappear with Aloha Editor and in just a few minutes you are ready and can begin preparing your content.

For developers the modern architecture permits the addition of separate functions using plug-ins.

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Aloha Editor consists of


50% HTML5

We believe HTML5 is the format of the future with which all the modern websites and web applications will be developed.


75% JavaScript

In addition to HTML5, JavaScript and a little CSS also create a basis for editing that's faster than ever.


100% Love

With passionate enthusiasm and a love of detail, a committed team develops Aloha Editor on a continual basis.

Overview of Aloha Editor

User-friendly content design

Front-end editing

Edit content where you see it in your website.

Clean copy & paste

Copy your content from Microsoft Word without formatting problems.

No mark-up

Editing and formatting takes place without Wiki mark-ups.


Create tables more easily than ever with the help of format templates.

25% faster input

Input the content 25% faster than with comparable editors.

Dynamic content

WYSIWYG editing of dynamic content is possible directly in the front end.

Easy technical implementation

No reload

There are no pop-ups, there is no reload, and a preview isn't necessary.

80% faster loading

Aloha Editor loads up to 80% faster than comparable editors.


You use all available Aloha Editor interfaces.


Create new plug-ins for Aloha Editor via API.

Fewer lines of code

Aloha Editor can be integrated into your own application using few lines of JavaScript.

Universally integrable

Regardless of the web application – Aloha Editor can be integrated in no time.

Individual design

Adapt the Aloha Editor to the look and feel of your corporate design.

Enterprise support

Gentics offers professional support for Aloha Editor.

Open Source

Aloha Editor is also available for free open source use (GPLv2).

Do you, too, want to enhance the user friendliness of your CMS or web application?