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The Chambers of Labour provide competent and reliable support to all Austrian employees, also online. Their online presence is empowered by Gentics Software.

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With its "go international" campaign, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA supports Austrian businesses in entering new markets. Information is available on 200 accessible country sites in 28 languages.

Erste Group's social intranet provides a platform for internal communication and collaboration for 4,000 employees. A personalised intranet is provided in seven countries and nine languages.

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For more than 100 years the Swarovski brand has been synonymous with the spirit of invention, poetry and trendsetting crystal technology. In 2006 Swarovski opted for Gentics products and has since then relied on us in numerous Internet projects and with its intranet.

Website Wiener Netze Screenshot

Wiener Stadtwerke is relying on Gentics Software.

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One of the biggest Austrian insurance companies for household, car and health insurances uses the complete Gentics CMS content platform as a basis for its web presence.

Website Land Niederösterreich Screenshot

The online portal of the Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria provides information to all citizens of Austria's largest province. It is running on Gentics Software and is hosted at our data centre.

Website Österreichische Beamtenversicherung Screenshot

Corporate website, real estate portal and intranet: Three different online projects are managed in one CMS.

The public webpages of the Austrian Chambers of Commerce supply all members and non-members with the very latest news from every business segment. The portal supplies hundreds of thousands of content items and has millions of hits.

Website Magenta Screenshot

Online portals for,, and the internal business and knowledge platform of the Magenta shops

Website Versicherungsanstalt für Eisenbahnen und Bergbau Screenshot

Gentics Software is used to manage a platform for more than 370,000 customers and 750 employees.

Website Verfassungsgerichtshof Österreich Screenshot

Online portal for the activities of the Constitutional Court of Austria

Website Rechnungshof Österreich Screenshot

Online portal for the activities of the Austrian Court of Audit

Website Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Screenshot

Online portal for information, consulting and presentation of transnational cooperation projects in Europe

Website RTR Screenshot

Online portal for the activities of the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications

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