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The digital lifeline of your company

Intuitive operation

Collaboration has to be simple. With the Gentics CMS content managers have a simple, self-explanatory editor. You can start without any training.

Digital lifeline

Intranets connect employees and management. Modules such as commentaries, evaluations, employee profiles and employee blogs can be implemented from the very start.

Securely connected

The intranet also provides space for confidential data. Regularly tested by renowned security companies, our products ensure that even sensitive data reaches your target group.

The steadily changing economy poses new challenges to the world of work. In a modern company projects and activities are carried out across multiple locations, devices and applications. Connecting people to one another, simplifying collaboration, sharing and organising knowledge – in many ways intranets have enormous potential for actively including employees in communication and designing work processes more efficiently.

A company's power of innovation thrives on employee expertise. Intranets assume a major role in this regard: they do not provide one-way communication, but are an essential hub where content can be expanded, edited, commented upon or even created and designed.

With the intranet from Gentics Softwarre, we offer companies the ideal solution for state-of-the-art employee communication. Whether in the intranet-integrated blogs, project Wikis, open or closed user groups or feedback tools – the Gentics intranet is developed on the module principle and, depending on what's required, delivers ready-to-use modules that can be expanded at anytime.

Our products – your advantages

Easy and fast operation

  • Front-end editing - edit content where you see it
  • Adaptable workflows
  • Unlimited number of content managers, flexible user authorisations
  • Scheduled publication
  • Integrated picture editing
  • An extensive navigation system can also be managed

Time to market

  • Numerous plug-ins and modules (form generator, calendar and much more)
  • Multimedia support (picture editing, slide shows, videos and much more)
  • Support for media asset management and document management
  • Social media functions: commentaries, evaluations, blog and Wiki modules, tagging and much more)

Flexibility, integrability

  • Dynamic, personalised
  • Multilingual support
  • Efficient enterprise search platform with auto-completion, auto-suggestions and filtering options
  • Integration with existing corporate applications
  • Also supports third-party publications, for instance Liferay and jBoss portals
  • Social media and newsletter integration
  • Integrable web analysis tools
  • Various authentications possible (separate user directories or link to existing ones)
  • Link to company address book – single sign-on possible.

Security, compliance

  • Versioning, archiving, optional authorisation processes
  • Personalisation and authorisations for content
  • Closed user groups
  • Flexible user authorisations
  • Successful glass box and penetration tests

No restrictions on design

  • Supports state-of-the-art front-end technologies
  • Mobile responsive design enables availability on smartphone and tablet
  • Accessible HTML
  • No restrictions for SEO

Design your intranet with us. We look forward to hearing from you.