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Government portals

Security, freedom from barriers and standardisation as top priority


Our software is regularly checked by renowned Austrian security companies.

Form generator

Create popular forms directly in Gentics CSM and develop individual workflows on the basis of them.


With Gentics CMS you get an accessible portal that follows WAI standards (WCAG).

Government portals make it easier for citizens to access and deal with government offices and public institutions. Regardless of location and time, bureaucracy can be handled and, requests, inquiries, etc. made electronically. On a single government portal the respective institution bundles its virtual services in compact form and provides information on relevant issues.

Multilevel authentication systems, for ex. using a citizen card or mobile signature, revision-proof content archiving and verifiable, secure authorisation processes for new content are essential requirements, which gain the trust and acceptance from government portal users.

Gentics products are used in numerous government websites and have proven themselves in combination with complex authentication options and as tools for the creation of secure, barrier-free and easily scalable platforms.

Our products – your advantages

Flexibility, integrability

  • Dynamic, personalised
  • Multilingual support
  • Efficient enterprise search platform with auto-completion, auto-suggestions and filtering options
  • Integration with existing corporate applications
  • Also supports third-party publications, for instance Liferay and jBoss portals
  • Social media and newsletter integration
  • Integrable web analysis tools
  • Various authentications possible (separate user directories or link to existing ones)
  • Link to company address book – single sign-on possible.

Security, compliance

  • Versioning, archiving, optional authorisation processes
  • Personalisation and authorisations for content
  • Closed user groups
  • Flexible user authorisations
  • Successful glass box and penetration tests

Performance and scalability

  • Supports distributed systems and load balancing
  • Reliability
  • Performance plans adapted to IT architecture

Time to market

  • Numerous plug-ins and modules (form generator, calendar and much more)
  • Multimedia support (picture editing, slide shows, videos and much more)
  • Support for media asset management and document management
  • Social media functions: commentaries, evaluations, blog and Wiki modules, tagging and much more)

No restrictions on design

  • Supports state-of-the-art front-end technologies
  • Mobile responsive design enables availability on smartphone and tablet
  • Barrier-free HTML
  • No restrictions for SEO

If you're confronted with government portal requirements and are planning a tender, don't hesitate to