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Task Management

Better collaboration in the content management team through the use of the Custom Tool Task Management. All work steps in Gentics CMS at a glance. Assign your team members e.g content managers or external translators tasks in the course of creating and managing your online content.

Nice URLs Overview

No more long web addresses (URLs). Good content deserves beautiful, easy-to-read URLs. With Gentics CMS you can create SEO friendly web addresses for campaigns. The Gentics CMS Custom Tool helps you keep track of things at all times. Just see what content is accessible via which Nice URL for the visitors of your online portals.

Form Reports

Web forms allow your visitors to interact with you online at any time. Collect orders, opinions and inputs from visitors of your online portals. With a mouse click, you get an overview of all the data collected via your forms.

Link Checker

Links to other websites can become invalid at any point in the future. The Link Checker is a special tool that regularly checks every link in your CMS and notifies the content manager via system notification or email when a published link becomes invalid. This leads to more satisfied visitors and a better search engine ranking.