Gentics Software stands for future-oriented design and trustworthy products backed by a curious and enthusiastic team.

We are familiar with the challenges of our clients and the trends in our industry. We are your reliable partner for content management and publishing solutions, providing innovative technologies for your online presence and relying on 19 years of expertise in the area of CMS.

What do we do?

As one of the leading CMS manufacturers in Austria, we supply state-of-the-art tools for designing optimised websites.


How do we operate?

We carry out our projects based on clearly structured methods. For us transparency and good planning are top priority. Here you will find an overview of our service-oriented collaboration with clients.


What do we offer you?

Our software is an efficient framework with numerous out-of-the-box functions that are continually enhanced with innovations and can be individually expanded depending on client needs.


What do we do?

As a branch of APA-IT, we supply state-of-the-art "tools" for designing content for the optimal website and provide a platform for multimedia storytelling in the style of major media establishments, the easiest editor in the world – Aloha Editor – and, if desired, also a complete content management system for numerous areas of application. We develop the tools that have proven themselves in over 1,000 projects since the year 2000.

What our clients appreciate about Gentics is the adaptability and expandability of our products. Corporate websites, intranets and other online platforms are not off-the-rack solutions. Every project is aimed at individual client wishes and requirements. Our products have grown with our projects and bundle the expertise of 15 years of project experience.

How do we operate?

Gentics stands for service-oriented partner-based collaboration and the rapid realisation of projects. Our aim is to supply the optimal online results with our CMS. At the same time, we offer content managers user-friendly tools for their work. For example, with our CMS we supply the best editor in the world, which can be learned in a few minutes and makes easy content editing possible. We also provide a structure with which large quantities of data can be effortlessly organised.

To live up to our high standards of professional service and innovative technologies, we regularly pursue new approaches: we observe trends, give our employees time to develop new tools in addition to our actual products, we promote start-ups and integrate the best of all solutions into our core products.

What do we offer you?

We are a reliable partner for your project. We provide support in the conceptual phase and incorporate our experience from other successfully concluded projects into yours. We adapt our content management system and portal precisely to your infrastructure and develop architecture concepts together with you. We offer training for developers, whether a classic workshop or courses.

We are proud of our long-term client relations. Support, ongoing assistance for product updates, information exchange in client communities and public release roadmaps for new functions are for us an obvious service which we also offer our clients after conclusion of the project.


Aloha Editor is a "What you see is what you get" HTML5 editor, which is integrated in content management systems. Over 40 JavaScript experts from all over the world continually expand the open source product in order to enhance its user friendliness even further. For commercial use we offer an enterprise licence. As a permanent component of the Gentics CMS, it ensures an excellent user experience and efficient editing steps for all Gentics clients. We call it the best editor in the world – try it out for yourself.

Aloha Editor website

Gentics Mesh is an innovative open source headless CMS that enables you to implement web applications and apps using any web technologies and development tools. We have realized this novel approach based on 19 years of experience with the development of CMS solutions and brought them to the market.

Gentics Mesh website

Branch of
APA - IT Informations Technologie GmbH

APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH offers offers support with a focus on media solutions and IT-outsourcing. As a subsidiary of APA – Austria Press Agency, we are responsible for the IT of the Austrian news agency as well as numerous other media enterprises.

This expertise and insight into the industry make APA-IT an expert for IT solutions for publishers and media-related companies. Existing systems and tools are constantly developed and tailored to individual customer needs. As such, APA-IT is always available – from conception to operation.

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