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Our collaborative approach

What are the steps based on which we collaborate and your project is realised?

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    What are the steps based on which we collaborate and your project is realised?

    We carry out our projects based on clearly structured methods. For us transparency and good planning are top priority. In project management we rely on proven methods – but there are several aspects that make collaboration with us something quite extraordinary.

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    Taking the time for advance preparation is indispensable for the successful and satisfactory execution of a project. We provide a realistic estimate of effort and expense, we don't conceal any follow-up costs behind quick wins, we call your attention to areas of dependency and provide you with an overview of the complete cost of owning your customised solution.

    Your advantage: you are aware of all costs and can make well-substantiated decisions on the basis of your priorities.

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    What benefits will your solution bring, what precise functions should it offer? We incorporate our experience from over 1,000 online projects into your project and provide you with the highest degree of expertise. That can mean consulting during the conceptual phase, joint visits with clients that have already solved similar challenges as well as recommendations for the efficient use of resources. Enormous effort and expense can often be spared with minor adaptations.

    Our offer applies to the content-related and functional conception of your project as well as to the planning for the required infrastructure and system architecture. Thus we guarantee that your project results in the desired level of success at the best conditions.

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    As soon as the detailed concept is determined, the planning phase begins. Together with you we plan the scheduling and costs in order to arrive at a reliable cost plan. With our project experience, we provide a fast and reliable estimate and also give you an overview of the anticipated internal costs and expenses.

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    Development and implementation of the design are critical factors for online projects, all the more so when mobile use (responsive design) and accessibility (W3C compliance) are important in your project. We work together with partners or also with your agency and ensure that both the graphic and technical implementation of your design reflect the current standards.

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    Development & training

    The development phase begins with training. For this we offer courses for your developers, or we also train your employees directly in the project. To do this, experienced developers from our team provide coaching on location, solve problems and work directly on the project.

    In development we like to use agile methods (scrum) in order to achieve immediate results in steps that can be rapidly implemented. As a result, you always have an overview of how the project is developing. That means you have the opportunity to adapt the project during development. The only requirement for this: you participate in the development process, observe and regularly test the latest version with us.

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    In addition to the ongoing tests that ensure achievement of the desired result, specifically with the use of agile methods, we follow up the development phase with an intensive test phase. The project team and future users test the fully developed system in all of its functions.

    We also carry out load and performance tests to be able to estimate how the application will behave with rising usage figures. With complex and test-intensive projects we equip our developers with their own 1:1 copies of your future production infrastructure to be able to ascertain the unexpected problems in detail and quickly remedy them. Only after this test and correction phase is the project ready for launch.

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    The best project won't succeed if it's not accompanied by relevant communication. The roll-out phase is critical for how well users accept the new medium. The roll-out is a very important phase particularly for interactive projects, which incorporate client feedback, and social intranets, which aim for dialogue with employees. This includes the introductory communication, dialogue with users and accompanying initiatives which promote use and participation.

    We support you in the roll-out phase with experienced partners.

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    After the project there is one thing that's important to us: we want to celebrate with you. And, of course, we also continue providing you reliable support with our support team, which is the first point of contact for any problems and offers support for ongoing updates. Our products are continually developed; we plan new releases in regular cycles in a public roadmap – that way you have insight into the latest status of developments and known when new functions will be available.

    We also organise client communities and meetings with experts, where you can exchange ideas with industry experts and content managers from other companies. We appreciate long-term collaboration and have been providing support to many of our clients for over ten years already – we are very proud of this.

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