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von am 25.10.2018

Why did we combine our web content management solution Gentics CMS with the openness of our innovative headless CMS Gentics Mesh? In our blog post, we are giving you insights will show you how online managers can save money and some headache in the future when choosing the right CMS for their online projects

If marketing or communications professionals today are looking for a web content management solution for their new online presence, mobile application, or intranet, they must choose between two approaches: either opt for a traditional web content management system or a more novel headless approach content management system. Below, we will present the strengths and weaknesses of the two worlds in more detail.

Web Content Management Systems - easy to manage online-content

Traditional web content management systems (WCMS) such as Gentics CMS have been specially designed and optimized for the target group of content managers . They are focusing on easy creation, publishing and control of online content. 

High usability of the WCMS user interface and many functions, such as a real-time preview or WYSIWYG editors that are available out-of-the-box, support content managers in their daily work. 

The benefits of WCMS - simple content input and management - go hand in hand with less flexibility when it comes to presenting and managing more complex web interfaces, or integrating data from different sources and publishing it online.

Headless content management systems - easy online development

Headless web content management systems (CMS) such as Gentics Mesh are specially designed for the target group of web developers. As the term "headless" suggests, this kind of solutions has literally "knocked off" its head, which means in effect that it does not have the "head," a full user interface with many ready-made features for content managers. Instead, Headless CMS are focusing on storing all types of structured online content and delivering it openly via read and write interfaces. This means that all online channels can be supplied and managed, regardless of the user interface design and structure. 

Headless CMS also has the advantage that web developers have full freedom to build complex web interfaces, connect to third-party systems, and implement both simple and complex workflows themselves. This ensures that online projects can always be adapted to changing requirements and technological developments in the medium and long term. 

For the content managers who work with a headless CMS, however, web developers always have to build a functional user interface. Whether this is easy to use for daily work and makes all necessary functions easily accessible, unfortunately depends on the resources "total project time and budget" and the general understanding of web developers for user experience. Not infrequently, the result is a very flexible CMS, which, however, complicates the daily content input and maintenance for content managers.

The hybrid Gentics content management platform - a symbiosis

WCMS and Headless CMS have clear advantages, but are also associated with clear disadvantages. Online managers are faced with a challenging CMS decision. A wrong decision may inevitably lead to additional costs and problems with online projects later on.

We have recognized this dilemma and have introduced a Hybrid Content Management System (CMS) approach since 2017. Hybrid CMS bundles the advantages of WCMS and Headless CMS as described above.

With the hybrid Gentics content management platform we combine our successful web content management system GenticsCMS with our innovative headless CMS Gentics Mesh.

Gentics CMS offers content managers one of the most modern and simplest user interfaces on the CMS market, the Aloha Editor as a powerful WYSIWYG editor and a comprehensive set of CMS functions for daily content management work. Incidentally, this solution can also be used in full without own apps on mobile devices.

Gentics Mesh is used in the hybrid Gentics Content Management Platform as the base technology for the Gentics Mesh Content Repository . The open headless CMS architecture and interfaces make the Gentics Mesh Content Repository a universal storage for all content and data used online. Isolated data silos are a thing of the past.

With Gentics Mesh Plugins, the functional scope Gentics MeshContent Repository can be added at any time. These plugins can be developed or purchased by web developers themselves. For example, online projects can be enhanced with features such as comments, ratings or likes.

These two core components of the hybrid Gentics Content management platform are supplemented by the following modules:

  • Gentics Portal for content presentation
  • Gentics UI Core as a user interface framework
  • Gentics Consent Management
  • Gentics CMS Custom Tool Shop for feature enhancements

In the coming weeks, we will introduce these components in further blog posts on the topic "Hybrid Gentics Content Management Platform".

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