New York meets Zagreb meets Vienna

von am 3.6.2019

Students from the Rochester Institute of Technology visit Gentics Software.

We were happy to welcome students of the Business Environment Exploration (BEE) Club of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Croatia visiting us to learn about the corporate culture of APA-IT and in particular of the Gentics Software team. RIT Croatia is an international campus of Rochester Institute of Technology, New York and is offering two programs in Zagreb – International Business and Web and Mobile Computing program. 

The students have an International Business and Web & Mobile Computing focus in particular and were eager to learn about Gentics Software products showing interest in Gentics CMS and the wealth of digital experiences that can be made possible by the Gentics Content Management Platform. A couple of recent customer projects have been presented such as the website of the funeral service of the city of Vienna including its funeral configurator. We also discussed the team’s culture, the organizational structure (flat hierarchies, cross functional teams & diversity) and almost 20 years of lessons learned in ways of improving team work, and what currently works for us.  

Tea Franjić, BEE club communication manager, describes the Club as a self-organized group of open-minded, enthusiastic, students who want to enrich other students with insights about different corporate cultures, networking opportunities and future employment. The club has been organizing office visits to international companies for RIT students for the past two years with trips to Budapest and Bratislava in 2017 and 2018, respectively, where students visited P&G, Morgan Stanley, IBM, and MOLGroup.

"Gentics Software really made us feel welcomed. What we look for in these visits is for students to feel and see how the company "breaths" and that is exactly what we got from Gentics Software. We saw how efficient they are, but also relaxed and work in a very friendly environment. :)"

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