Improving the user experience of your website with Usersnap and Gentics CMP

Improving the user experience of your website with Usersnap and Gentics CMP

von am 24.9.2019

A new partner for Gentics Software

Usersnap  is providing more than 60,000 customers in over 100 countries with an improved way of transmitting feedback on a variety of digital products. We have been a partner of Usersnap since 2019 and have been successfully implementing their software in our projects. Soon we will also use it for the Gentics Content Management platform.

Gentics Software and Usersnap both have a mission: Improving projects and products with the help of precise feedback from our customers whose ideas and requirements have a direct impact on our work.

Improving the user experience of your website even quicker - with feedback from real users

Even global corporations such as Google, Facebook or Netflix are using Usersnap to implement customer feedback in an easy way. Besides its potential to improve digital products, Usersnap can also be used for corporate websites, customer portals and intranets by including website users and content managers alike into the further development process.

Usersnap has allowed us to make collaboration with our customers and their website users much easier and more efficient. In this respect, visual feedback has particularly helped us to quickly identify problems and keep the effort required for communication at a low level. 

In addition, Usersnap can also be used to determine the relevant key figures to give your team a clear overview of customer satisfaction. It automates the sharing and analysis of feedback with the help of text and sentiment analysis, which makes it easy to efficiently share and implement new ideas with different teams. 

On the path forward with Usersnap and Gentics CMS 5.35

With our mind set on service orientation we strive at achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Since Usersnap is integrated into the well-known Gentics environment it is easy to receive direct and visual feedback. Usersnap only needs a few clicks from a user to aggregate a detailed error report. Together with the relevant metadata, this report is then passed on to our development team who can immediately start to work on it. 

With Gentics CMS Release 5.35 we are launching the new user interface for Gentics CMS administrators and developers. In the course of the next releases it will be extended to comprise the entire functionality of the previous CMS user interface and will gradually replace it. 

We will continue to use Usersnap in the further development of our products to gain precise customer feedback. Our new partnership will allow us to disseminate, evaluate and implement improvements to the usability of the Gentics CMS user interface quickly and efficiently. 

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