Gentics CMS 5.28 „Klaus-M.“

von am 26.7.2017

We have just released 'Klaus-M.', the new Gentics CMS version. On this blogpost, we explore new features and updates that you should not miss out on.

Meaningful URLs with the Gentics CMS Feature “Nice URLs”

Do you know the saying: ‘What goes around comes around’? Be good to your visitors and they will reward you with more visits and conversions.

With the new Gentics CMS feature “Nice URLs”, you can now create “nicer” web addresses for your websites. The meaning semantically “nice”.

Why are Nice URLs so valuable?

  • Easy to understand
    Short addresses on search result pages get more clicks, that is why they are recommended by experienced SEO experts. A URL crafted with people and search engines in mind will convey the core message “what is behind this address” more efficiently and without distraction.

  • Easy to share
    As we know the attention span on social media is quite low, that is why using short addresses will quickly capture your audience’s attention.

  • Save valuable space on print media
    Think of flyers, advertisements, t-shirts or your business cards. Space is limited, that is where short URLs are a must.

How to create “Nice URLs” with Gentics CMS

The Gentics CMS feature “Nice URLs” allows you to define alternative URLs for your pages and files with ease on the CMS user interface.

  • before - without Nice URLs:
  • after - with Nice URLs

There is no additional setup required if you are already using the “publish to file system method” or running Gentics Portal.Node PHP. Your newly defined nice URLs will be reachable instantly.

Are you running a different frontend-technology? Our guides will help you setup “Nice URLs”.

SEO hint: create canonical URLs to ensure search engines index the correct URLs.

Emptylinks Plugin Upgrade

Have you ever clicked on an old link in a news article and found yourself on the “404 - page not found” page? Broken links like these are a major turnoff for visitors.

Thanks to Gentics CMS, internal links are already “unbreakable”. If pages are moved or renamed, internal links in Gentics CMS will automatically get updated.

But what happens if a page is taken offline?

Gentics CMS will help you with that, too.

We have improved the Aloha Editor emptylinks plugin to help you locate offline links faster. The plugin can also be configured for each editable to highlight internal links of offline pages. Gentics CMS will notify editors with a message in the CMS or via e-mail about pages that contain offline links. The Emptylinks plugin will seamlessly send out these notifications. Additionally, links to offline pages are removed from the published pages but can still be edited in the backend - For example, an editor may want to link an old link to an updated source.

Lists of objects - sort by path

Developing the new Gentics CMS UI has also yielded benefits for the Gentics CMS REST API and for users of the old UI. 

One of these benefits is sorting lists. In addition to sorting by name and template, you can now sort all list views by the folder path of the location of the object. This comes in handy, especially when working with the waste bin. By sorting by the folder path users may now locate their documents faster than ever.

Successful Web-relaunch: “Tagtype-Migration”

In today’s fast-paced digital world, change is the only constant. You might be even thinking of a relaunch of your website to keep up with new technologies. Of course, we all want numerous new and nifty features to keep our websites up-to-date, but not at the cost of reinventing the wheel. With the Gentics CMS “Tagtype-Migration” you can set up a plan to move your content to a new project. Tagtype-Migration will let you set automated processors to handle and update your content to fit the requirements of your new project - like splitting up content fields and transforming mark-up.

Gentics CMS Updates - done in no time

The update to version 5.28 ‘Klaus-M.’ can be done in just a few minutes via the user interface. Just look for “auto update” in your menu. All further steps are described right there. 

Should you need further assistance regarding your individual system set-up, please do not hesitate to contact your personal customer support

You will find a cumulative list of all bug fixes and features in the merged changelog for release 5.28 ‘Klaus-M.’

What do you think of the Gentics CMS Feature Nice URLs?

Which of your landing pages will benefit from shorter and cleaner URLs first?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or contact us directly.

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