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von am 1.10.2019

We are offering a simple solution which allows you to implement GDPR-compliant cookies on your online portals.

How does the Gentics Consent Management solution work?

Users who visit an online portal for the first time after the Gentics Consent Management solution has been implemented will initially get to a page where they can choose to either allow or decline the use of cookies on the respective website (consent or non-consent). Consent can be given in arbitrary steps.

The solution can also be set up to ask for consent on the use of cookie clusters, i.e. groups which can be freely determined by the operator of the online portal.

The choice of consent is stored as a cookie on the end device on which consent has been given. From that point onwards, only those cookies that have received consent are used. With regard to the Gentics Consent Management solution, no data on the user’s consent decision is stored on the systems of the portal operator.

If a user requests information according to GDPR, the portal operator can simply send a link. (Optionally, this can also be included in the Privacy Policy.) The requesting party can then retrieve the content of his or her consent decision via the link sent by the portal operator.

Technical background

The system delivers an individually configurable JavaScript snippet with an API. It is up to the operator of the online portal to define the number, names and content of cookie categories by way of a JSON configuration.

When the JavaScript snippet receives the user’s choice of consent from the online portal, it stores this information in a cookie on the user’s end device. Prior to setting a cookie on the online portal, web development can request consent from the JavaScript snippet’s API.

The JavaScript snippet is delivered together with documentation on the preparatory work required from the customer as well as guidelines on the configuration.

Integrating the Gentics Consent Management solution

Portal operators have to prepare the following to implement the Gentics Consent Management solution: 

  • Design and template provision for a user interface to be used for the cookie banner and the category selection
  • Import of one gcm.js per top level domain
  • Integration of the user interface with the JavaScript snippet
  • Full configuration of the JavaScript snippet: 

Design und Templating einer Oberfläche für Cookie-Banner und Wahl der Kategorie

Einspielen einer gcm.js pro Top-Level-Domain

Anbindung der Oberfläche an JavaScript-Snippet

Fertigstellung der Konfiguration des JavaScript-Snippets:

  • Texte des Cookie-Banners
  • Anzahl und Namen der Cookie-Kategorien
  • Anzahl und Namen von Cookie-Clustern
  • Zuweisung Cookies des Online-Portals zu Cookie-Kategorien
    • Text of the cookie banner
    • Number and names of the cookie categories
    • Number and names of the cookie clusters
    • Assignment of the cookies of the online portal to the cookie categories
  • Analysis and list of the cookies of the online portal
  • Implementation of a logic in the online portal which sets or blocks each cookie according to the data supplied by the JavaScript snippet
  • Explanatory texts on cookies as well as GDPR-compliant supplements to the Privacy Policy of the online portal 

You want to know more about the Gentics Consent Management solution?

If you want to find out more, please contact our sales team at +43 1 36060-1234 or We are happy to answer your questions.

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