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Gentics CMS Tag Editor improved

von am 15.3.2019

With the latest Gentics CMS version 5.33., Codenamed Mercury, the Gentics CMS Tag Editor has been brought up to date. Its improved usability allows content managers to add, edit and publish multimedia content with fewer clicks.

Credit: Baertels / Caro /
Credit: Baertels / Caro /

Enrich your  content with multimedia

With Aloha Editor, a WYSIWYG HTML editor developed by Gentics Software, content can be created or pasted from MS Word using Copy & Paste and then formatted and supplemented by tables and lists. Due to our changed perception and turn to the visual, a website that focuses purely on text elements only attracts little attention from the readers. Therefore Gentics CMS offers the so-called Gentics CMS Tag Editor with the possibility to integrate multimedia content elements into the website pnly using by a simple mouse click. You can combine these content elements into blocks with different multimedia content - created or adapted specifically to the requirements of the actual online project.

Content elements can be covering content like the following examples:

  • Quote block consisting of a quote text, a photo and name of the person
  • News overviews consisting of image, title and teaser text, which are automatically created from a list of selected news pages.
  • Adjustable maps from Google Maps
  • Adjustable Instagram or Twitter feeds
  • Videos from Youtube or other video sources

If content managers would like to use a content element in the online project, they can be added to the desired location via the Aloha Editor by clicking on it. With the help of the Gentics CMS Tag Editor, content Managers can conveniently enter and set all necessary inputs and information for the design and control of the selected content element.

So far so good - and what's up for Content Manager?

Few clicks make Content Manager happy!

With the redesign and optimization of the Gentics CMS Tag Editor and the adaptation to a new and modern CMS interface, we were able to exploit their technical possibilities to create an optimal user experience.

Our focus was on simplifying and reducing work steps for content managers. We would like to emphasize three of these improvements here

Drag and drop instead of tapping

The insertion of automated, individually adjustable overviews such as news or content overviews of an online project is now possible with a single step without any need for technical knowledge for content managers. The selection and the setting of the sorting of the elements to be displayed is done simply by drag & drop.

Upload pictures or files directly via drag & drop

Content managers can upload images or files they want to paste into pages directly via drag & drop - without interrupting their workflow.

Live check of user input

Checking user input for preset ranges of values, such as e-mail or date entries, is performed directly as you type. Content managers receive instant feedback on their input and can correct it immediately without interruption of their workflow.

Seamless content management

The new Gentics CMS Tag Editor has also created completely new input options for content managers. We create content elements that enable content managers to easily bring content and data from other solutions from their organizations online. We created the possibility for the seamless access to third-party solutions, such as digital asset management solutions (e.g. like Celum) during the work with Gentics CMS.

Another example is the integration of existing product databases. With the new Gentics CMS Tag Editor we create an easy Gentics CMS user dialog. With this, content managers can take over an publish all the relevant information of a product stored in a third party database with only one click.

Interested in further possibilities of our Gentics CMS Tag Editor? Then contact us or look on our blog in the near future. There, in the near future we will take a look behind the technical scenes with many details.

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