Aloha Editor BarCamp: Software developers exchanged the newest ideas in Vienna

von am 10.6.2013

Between June 6 and 7 Vienna was the location of the Aloha Editor BarCamp. Developers and users of this innovative and successful rich-text inline Editor transformed the offices of Gentics Software GmbH into a hotspot of national and international HTML5, CSS3 and advanced JavaScript specialists.

Innovators in the field of user experience (UX) and “next generation content creation” exchanged a wide breadth of knowledge and techniques in sessions and workshops and a social event.

The presentation of an online E-book editor and applications for collaborative developing and editing of Web content were stand out as the highlights of the 2 day event. Kathi Flecher from showed how the Aloha Editor can be adjusted and extended. In this project, which is supported by the Shuttleworth Foundation they are creating tools for cost-efficient construction and distribution of “open education resources” (OER).

IT Experts in the focus

Event host and Aloha Editor Core Developer,vPetro Salema, was very happy about the totally booked BarCamp: “We saw some really great applications that are being build with Aloha Editor, and it has been wonderful to see HTML editing technology being used to innovate new ways for people to do all sorts of rich-text content creation. We are very excited about the future of Aloha Editor and developments in HTML5.”

Professional exchange on every level

Web developers and technology enthusiasts held talks and used the opportunity of the social event, which was sponsored by Ektron, Ektron for networking and more personal exchange of ideas. There was also a lot of discussion between developers concerning development, improvements and new innovative features for Aloha Editor. Highlights of the sessions were continuously posted on Twitter(@AlohaEditor / #AEcamp) and will be published in the ( Blog ).For more news on the Aloha Editor project, please you can subscribe to the newsletter on .

About Aloha Editor:

Aloha Editor is an open source project with the goal of re-imagining rich-text editing and content creating on the web. It became the WYSIWYG editor that pioneered a successful implementation of inline rich-text editing by breaking from the conventions of using iframe as editing sandboxes, and opening up the entire page as a canvas. In doing so Aloha Editor created an editing experience that was truly WYSIWYG

About Gentics:

Since its establishment 12 years ago, Gentics Software GmbH ( ) has grown to become the leading producer of Content Management and Portal Solutions in Austria. As of January 2013 Gentics is part of the APA-Group – Austrian Press Agency and counts more than 30 certified solution-, technology- and business partners. For its innovative solutions Gentics has received multiple awards (Web Idol 2010 at J.Boye conference, Walter Nettig Preis, Golden Arrow, Austria’s Leading Companies).

Pictures of the BarCamp are available here:

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