Editor and Administration User Interfaces

The Editor User Interface and the Administration User Interface are deliberately designed as two separate applications. They serve different target groups with different tasks and needs. The Editor User Interface is designed for editors and content managers, respectively. Everything revolves around the content that you can dive into immediately and without any detours. Projects, folders, pages, files and pictures are the main actors of the Editor User Interface.

Meanwhile, the Administration User Interface supports a wide range of target groups with partially overlapping tasks in all administrative matters related to the actual content.

1 The Gentics CMS Editor User Interface

Gentics CMS comes with a user interface that supports editors with an easy to use authoring environment that specifically focuses on the task of creating an managing content. Typically, the Editor User Interface is the default user interface when accessing your CMS installation. It can be reached at https://genticscms.yourdomain.com/editor.

The Gentics CMS Editor User Interface for creating and managing content

There is more to learn about the Gentics CMS Editor User Interface in the user manual for content managers.

2 The Gentics CMS Administration User Interface

The Administration User Interface is the place to go for setting up and configuring CMS projects. It comes with a bunch of administrative and maintenance modules that help project managers, developers and operators in their daily work with Gentics CMS:

  • Project Managers & Power Content Managers – linking templates, user and group management, partly controlling jobs related to the publication of content.
  • Developers – Development around templates & tag types, deployments
  • Administrators and operations – configuration, maintenance, deployments

The Gentics CMS Administration User Interface

The Administration User Interface can be reached at https://genticscms.yourdomain.com/admin. Additionally, it is linked in the Editor User Interface’s tools menu.

We are in the process of replacing the legacy Gentics user interface. The first two modules User Management and Group & Permissions Management are available. The other modules will follow successively in the upcoming releases. The legacy Gentics user interface can be reached at https://genticscms.yourdomain.com/.Node.