1 Before you write a ticket

  • Make sure your software is up to date
  • Check that the changelog does not contain the fix for your bug

2 How to write a ticket

The following guidelines can be used to enhance your ticket with additional and useful information.

  • Write a clear subject:
    • Good: “Cancelling a File Copy dialog crashes File Manager”
    • Bad: “Software crashes”
  • Add information about used software. (e.g: Internet Explorer 9.x, Gentics CMS Version 5.14.3)
  • Write precise steps to reproduce the problem.
    • What happened and what did you expect to happen?
    • Add Screenshots/Screencasts if possible.
    • Add pageIds when pages are affected.
  • On which system did the problem occur? [System URL/Name]
  • License key of the installation.
  • [Optional] Add a regression window. When did the bug first appear?

The ticket can be send via email to support [at] gentics [dot] com or created via our ticket tracker system.