Working with nodes

1 Load properties

Load properties from a node

  • NodeAPI.prop()

The prop method can be used to retrieve various properties of a node. Saving of properties is currently not supported and will result in an error.

	GCN.node(1, function (node) {
			var defaultFileUploadFolderId = uploadnode.prop('defaultFileFolderId');
			var hostname = node.prop('host');

2 Retrieving of constructs

Retrieving of constructs that are assigned to given node

  • NodeAPI.constructs()

	GCN.node(1, function (node) {
		node.constructs(function (constructs) {

3 Retrieving of construct categories

  • NodeAPI.constructCategories()

	GCN.node(1, function (node) {
		node.constructCategories(function (constructCategories) {
			// Prints the object with an key-value pairs of construct categories.
			// The constructCategories field contains an sorted array with category names.

4 Removal of nodes

  • NodeAPI.remove()

Not yet implemented.

5 Saving of node properties


Not yet implemented.