Working with folders

1 Retrieving items from a folder

Folders organize contents in a hierarchical structure so the most common action you might want to accomplish is to load items from a folder. Currently there are four methods that serve this purpose:

  • FolderAPI.pages()
  • FolderAPI.folders()
  • FolderAPI.images()
  • FolderAPI.files()

All of those will work in a similar fashion by providing an array of found items to the success callback. If you want to build a list of pages it would look as follows:

GCN.folder(42).pages(function (pages) {
	// pages is an array of PageAPI objects
	// iterate over pages and print a list
	for (var i=0; i<pages.length; i++) {

2 Checking permissions

Checking permissions is vital to your fontend implementation. A common usecase would be to decide whether to show a “Create new page”-Button or not. This could be implemented as follows:

GCN.folder(4711, function (folder) {
	// we'll only show the "Create page" button if
	// the user has according privileges
	if (folder.perm('createpage')) {
		// your implementation goes here

A neat trick can be used to show multiple permission-related buttons at once, as the perm() method will return all available privileges when no permission name is passed:

GCN.folder(4711, function (folder) {
	// load all permissions
	var permissions = folder.perm();
	for (var i=0; i<permissions.length; i++) {
		// activate various buttons
		$('#' + permissions[i]).show();