X-UA-Compatible Header Content

This feature allows you to set the X-UA-Compatible header to a different value than “IE=7” (default) or to disable setting the header completely.

1 Overview

When using the Internet Explorer, all pages in the CMS will be shown in IE7 compatibility mode by default. So the following HTML headers will be added to all CMS pages for Internet Explorer:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

2 Configuration

Changing the default behavior affects all functional pages in the CMS. We officially support the edge browser mode and all compatibility modes >= 8. See our browser compatibility list for further details.

When changing the standard configuration, you should check all your nodes (web implementations) for compatibility with the selected Internet Explorer document mode. When this feature is enabled, overriding the selected document mode or browser mode manually in Internet Explorer is not supported and can lead to undefined behavior. Enabling the compatibility mode in the address bar on the right side is also not supported.

IE10 has rendering issues and renders white pages sometimes. This is caused by a bug in IE 10. when using IE 10, setting a standards mode >9 or disabling the feature is not recommended. No issues have been found in IE 9.

2.1 Changing the IE Standards Mode


//change the X_UA_Compatible Header Content to IE=9
$FEATURE["X_UA_CompatibleHeaderContent"] = "IE=9";

The value will not be checked for correctness. It is in your own responsibility to choose a correct value for the header content.

2.2 Disable setting the IE Standards Mode

You can disable setting the IE Standards Mode by setting the feature to “false” (without the quotes!).


//Use the edge browser mode
$FEATURE["X_UA_CompatibleHeaderContent"] = false;

If you leave this feature unconfigured, then you could also use the older feature “disable IE7 Standards mode”. However, setting disableIE7StandardsMode will be ignored if you set any value for X_UA_CompatibleHeaderContent.


//this will disable the IE7 Standards Mode
$FEATURE["disableIE7StandardsMode"] = true;

Disabling this feature also allows the Gentics CMS file uploader to run in HTML 5 mode (supports file drag&drop) in Internet Explorer with versions 10 and above.