Usersnap Integration

This feature enables the Usersnap integration.

Usersnap is a visual feedback tool that allows collecting user feedback, browser screenshots and visual bug reports complete with additional browser information in the Usersnap dashboard or your existing bug tracking and project management tools. While you can integrate the Usersnap feedback widget in your public-facing website, this feature integrates Usersnap with the editor and administrator interfaces of Gentics CMS.

Usersnap integration into Gentics CMS

Please not that Usersnap does not support all browsers that are supported by Gentics CMS. Consult the Usersnap documentation for details.

1 Configuration

The feature has to be activated generally in the configuration, and the Usersnap key has to be configured:


	$FEATURE["usersnap"] = true;

2 Possible Use Cases

Get feedback and bug reports from your content managers on your web projects backend implementation You can use Usersnap not only to collect feedback from users of your web project, but also to collect feedback from your content managers who create and manage the content of that web project. By configuring your Usersnap account in Gentics CMS, all feedback and error reports on the CMS backend implementation of the project can be collected and processed efficiently.

Provide visual feedback and bug reports to Gentics Support Users of Gentics CMS traditionally can send feedback and bug reports via email and our Jira Servicedesk . The Usersnap integration can be configured in a way to forward any feedback and bug reports of the standard Gentics CMS user interfaces to the Gentics Support Jira Servicedesk. If you want Usersnap to be integrated with the Gentics Support Jira Servicedesk, please contact your account manager.

3 Limitations using Internet Explorer 11

When using Interent Explorer 11 screenshots are done by Usersnap’s rendering engine and not on the client. Static resources such as images and stylesheets need to be accessible by the rendering engine. See the Usersnap documentation for details. Modern browsers will use the native Media Record API built-in in the browsern an therefor not have this issue.

4 Data Protection

Before enabling this feature, please take notice: Depending on where your business is located, you might be required by law to extend your privacy policy to inform users that by using this feature, data is shared with third parties. Please consult the Usersnap documentation for further information.