Resumable Publish Process

Activating this feature will allow to resume publish processes, that were cancelled or failed due to errors.

1 Configuration

To enable resumable publish processes, add the following setting to the node.conf and restart the Tomcat server.


$FEATURE["resumable_publish_process"] = true;

2 Description

To “resume” a cancelled or failed publish process means, that objects, that were successfully (and completely) published before the publish process stopped, do not have to be published again.

An object is completely published if all of the following statements are true:

  • The object was written into a contentrepository with instant publishing and the transaction has been committed (if the object is published into a contentrepository at all).
  • The rendered content of the page has been written into the internal publish table and the transaction has been committed.
  • The dependencies of the object have been updated (and the transaction has been committed).

When the feature is activated, all completely published objects will immediately be removed from the publish queue. This means that the number of objects to republish in the content maintenance dialog will continually decrease during a running publish process.