Image Manipulation 2

imagemanipulation2 enables the new imagamanipulation feature which can be accessed through the image list or an image tag.

1 Description

The imagemanipulation can be accessed through the image file list or through the image url tagpart. The imagemanipulation2 enables the user to create a copy of the image. This is useful when the original image should not be changed. The user can also edit image properties like description and filename through the sidebar.

The behaviour of resizing and ui may change in future releases.

2 Configuration

The feature can be configured with the following options:


// Enables the feature 

// Define the max resize width 
$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['image']['maxWidth'] = 600; 

// Define the max resize height 
$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['image']['maxHeight'] = 600; 

// Define the min resize width 
$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['image']['minWidth'] = 10; 

// Define the min resize height 
$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['image']['minHeight'] = 10; 

// If set to true the image plugin will initially try to keep the aspect ration. This can be overrwritten by untoggling the keep aspect ratio toggle. 
$ALOHA_SETTINGS['plugins']['image']['fixedAspectRatio'] = 'true';