Image Cropping Custom Aspect Ratios

Allows configuration of the available crop aspect ratios in the image editor of the new UI.

1 Overview

By default three aspect ratios are available in the image editor of the new UI:

  • Original (the same aspect ratio as the image being edited)
  • Square
  • Free

Each of these built in aspect ratios can be disabled and/or custom ratios can be added.

2 Configuration

The image cropping aspect ratios are configured using node specific settings and can thus be set individually for each node and globally for all nodes (the global settings are used as a fallback if there are no specific settings for a node).

Here is an example of a configuration for the node with ID 1:


    // Image editor settings for node 1
    'image_editor' => [
        // Allows to add custom aspect ratios
        'custom_aspect_ratios' => [
            // For custom ratios, 'kind' must always be 'dimensions' and the 'width' & 'height' params are required.
            // 'label' and 'display' are optional ('display' can be 'radio' or 'select', default is radio)
            [ 'kind' => 'dimensions', 'width' => 16, 'height' => 9, 'label' => 'Wide', 'display' => 'select' ],
            [ 'kind' => 'dimensions', 'width' => 4, 'height' => 3, 'display' => 'radio' ],
            [ 'kind' => 'dimensions', 'width' => 5, 'height' => 4, 'display' => 'select' ],
            [ 'kind' => 'dimensions', 'width' => 21, 'height' => 9, 'label' => 'Ultra Wide' ]
        // Allows disabling of aspect ratios
        'disable_aspect_ratios' => [
            // 'builtin-' prefix refers to the predefined aspect ratios.
            [ 'kind' => 'builtin-free' ],
            [ 'kind' => 'builtin-square' ]

Custom aspect ratios have to be added to the custom_aspect_ratios array and have the following properties:

  • kind: must always be 'dimensions'
  • width
  • height
  • label (optional): The label that will be displayed for this aspect ratio. If no label is set, it will be width:height (e.g., 4:3).
  • display: Either 'radio' (default) to display this aspect ratio as a radio button or 'select' to display this aspect ratio in a select box. If the screen size is too small, all radio options are automatically moved to the select box.

The same configuration object can also be set in the global settings:


    // Image editor global node settings
    'image_editor' => [
        // Same options as for node specific settings