Gentics CMS Context Path

This page will explain the configuration of the context path.


  1. Overview

1 Overview

The context path can be configured. This includes also the previously fixed /CNPortletapp path.


Please note that this path has to be changed with a mod_rewrite rule:

Rewrite rules:

	RewriteRule ^/info/(.*)$ /$1 [PT]
	RewriteRule ^/info/CNPortletapp(.*)$ /CNPortletapp$1 [PT]
	RewriteRule ^/info/GenticsImageStore(.*)$ /info/CNPortletapp/GenticsImageStore$1 [PT]

Configuration Example:

	$STAG_PREFIX = "/info/.Node/";
	$CN_LOCAL_PATH = '/info/.Node/';
	$PORTLETAPP_PREFIX = "/info/CNPortletapp/";