Attribute Dirting

This Feature activates attribute specific dirting and publishing of objects into Content Repositories. This can help to reduce publish times.

1 Configuration

The feature can be activated with the following setting:


$FEATURE["attribute_dirting"] = true;

2 Dependency Dirting

When objects are dirted due to changed dependencies, only the attributes of the objects, that acually use the changed dependency will be dirted and republished.

Example: A page is published into a Content Repository with attributes content and url. The attribute url has a dependeny on the folder’s pub_dir, while content has not. After the folder’s pub_dir is changed, the attribute url of the dependent page is dirted and republished, but not the attribute content.

3 Dirting with the Maintenance Dialog

When objects are dirted using the maintenance dialog, the feature activates an additional textbox, where the attributes to be dirted can be entered as comma separated list.

4 Publishing

  • The publish process will only render dirted attributes (which is generally faster than rendering all attributes).
  • Configured publish handlers will get Resolvable instances with only the dirted attributes filled. If publish handlers access other attributes they will be fetched from the content repository and set to the object as well (with their old values).
  • When writing objects into Content Repositories only the dirted attributes (and the attributes accessed in publish handlers) will be considered. All other attributes of the objects in the Content Repository will be left untouched.