How do I enable the Gentics Profiler webapplication?

In order to enable the Gentics Profiler webapplication you need to make some changes to your configuration.

1 Apache configuration

To enable the Gentics Profiler webapplication you have to add the profiler webapp JkMount settings to your mod_jk configuration. The configuration can be normally found within the file. In newer Gentics CMS installations this should already be enabled by default.


JkMount /Profiler       pnworker
JkMount /Profiler/*     pnworker

On systems that haven’t been migrated to the new Gentics CMS package yet, the mod_jk configuration is most likely located here: /Node/apache/conf/mods-enabled/020-jk.conf.

2 Setting a password

In order to be able to access the profiler, it is necessary to add a user and set a password. It is recommended to choose a secure password as the profiler can expose sensitive data.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
	<role rolename="manager"/>
	<role rolename="gentics"/>
	<user username="gentics" password="gentics" roles="gentics"/>

2.1 Access

The profiler can be accessed via http://[CMSHOSTNAME]/Profiler after the node package apache has been restarted.