How can i activate licensed Features?

Licensed Features like Multichannelling Content.Repositories and the Template/Tagtype Migration Tool must be activated. First the feature needs to be added to the license key. This can be done by sending a license activation request to After the license request has been granted, the activation of the CMS must be updated. The exact workflow for doing this depends on whether auto-activation is possible or not.

1 Auto-activation

When the CMS server can access the activation service (under, it is possible to use auto-activation.

In order to trigger auto-activation, remove the activation information from the keyfile.

  • license.key:

  • Change to:


After this step the Gentics CMS Tomcat Server needs to be restarted. The restart will automatically invoke a reactivation of the license key. After the activation has been completed the license key file should look similar to this:


The last line of the license key should now contain the licensed feature information.

2 Manual Activation

If the CMS server cannot access the activation service, the activation can be done manually with the following steps:

  1. Access[CMS Version] with a web browser. [CMS Version] must be your currently used CMS Version (e.g. 5.45.35).
  2. Enter your license key and click on “Aktivierung durchführen”
  3. A download of the activated license.key file will be triggered.
  4. Place the license.key file on your CMS server (replacing the existing one).
  5. Restart the CMS

Please note that earlier versions of Gentics CMS don’t support license keys that have licensed features. This means that a Gentics CMS installation may fail activation when the a feature was added to the license key. This applies for Gentics CMS Version 5.12.4 and earlier versions.