How can I improve the publish performance?

1 Multithreaded Publishing

By using the feature Multithreaded Publishing pages will be rendered in parallel. This will use existing hardware (cpu cores) more efficiently and improve the publish performance.

2 Memory Settings

Adapting the memory settings can improve the overall publish performance.

3 Publish Cache

The new feature Publish Cache will improve the publish performance by efficiently gather and cache the raw data of pages for publishing.

4 Filesystem Attributes

Storing large contents in Filesystem Attributes when publishing into Content Repositories will decrease the database sizes and also has some performance advantages.

5 Omit Publish Table

Activating the feature Omit Publish Table can reduce the backend database size and improve the publish performance.

6 Other Settings

The setting



will give the JDBC driver a hint to fetch larger resultsets from Content Repository databases during the publish process. Depending on the driver and dbms, this might reduce the time necessary to publish a group of objects into a Content Repository (only applicable, if Multithreaded Publishing is used).